Change is Gooooooood!

Hello All! If you’re reading this right now you’ve noticed that I am changing things up a bit. Feeling a little tied down with what I could do over at Blogger, I decided to move on and hopefully up! I’m excited because change is always good!

One exciting new feature is charity support! Working with this blog site, I was allowed to choose one organization that I wanted to support and provide an easy way for people to contribute through my blog homepage. I chose to support the World Food Program which helps to provide healthy lunches for impoverished children. Click the box on the right hand side to see what you can do! -UPDATE- I just clicked the link to check it out myself and all you have to do is play a game which actually ends with some recipes and donates $1! Double Bonus!

Now on to the good stuff.

Yesterday was grocery day! Woo Hoo! We left our house early in the morning and were in Philly by 10:30. We made a quick pit stop to Ikea (can’t go to Philly without hittin’ up Ikea!) and then headed over to the market. Oh how I wish we lived in the city! The resources that cities offer are far more abundant than where I live. 2 more years until we can maybe squeeze our way into one.

Anyway, the market was fantastic! This time we went on a Saturday (rather than Sunday) so every vendor was open. While we were there, I came across a wall of photos from markets all over the world but was pleasantly surprised to see a public market located in both Cleveland and Columbus, two cities from my home state (anyone from Ohio should look into this – believe me, an hour and a half drive is worth the trip! And we do it every month with 2 kids!) We got our usual meat stockpile as well as some yummy local Amish jam, lentils and pastries. Then we headed over to the Fair Food Farmstand (located inside of the Reading Market) and picked up some local, organic veggies! Oh and I can’t forget Josh’s organic beef jerkey (already gone, by the way)!

Next, we made our way over to Whole Foods. No matter how much food we pick up at the market, I can’t skip out on Whole Foods. I Love it! We grabbed a little more meat from the butcher and a few more random things including a new type of yogurt (Wallaby Australian style), freshly made (by Josh and Parker) honey peanut butter and organic tomatoes! Yay for tomatoes! I have been DYING for a tomato while anticipating spring and summer produce season.

One of the boys’ favorite reasons to shop at Whole Foods are the sample tables, but yesterday the sample  tables were actually a favorite for all!  We came across a table set up to promote a new “chip” called Brad’s Raw Chips. There were about 8 or 10 different types to chose from, including sweet potato, kale, Indian, cheddar,  and Hot Beet ,which is the one I chose – Delish but definitely packing some heat! The reason these “chips” are in quotations is due to the fact that they aren’t really chips at all. They are made from blended, local (right from Buck’s county, PA) veggies mixed with raw flax seeds and other seeds and spices. To top it off, they are completely raw. No frying, no baking, but instead they are dehydrated to lock in the nutrients and create that crisp bite, just like in a chip. I’m not kidding when I say they are amazing! Parker fell for the sweet potato “chips” so we picked up a bag – only 8 ingredients, nothing fake, and yuuuuummy! What else could you ask for? I also grabbed some humus for the boys to use for dipping.

After Whole Foods, we figured we’d might as well swing over to Trader Joe’s and snatch some of their whole wheat hamburger and hotdog buns (it’s grillin’ season!) and finally our day was over.

Whew! It makes me tired just rehashing it all! But, this was the best (behaved) grocery trip we’ve taken yet. We all had a blast checking out some new things. It also didn’t hurt that I had downloaded the soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are for the ride.

And we let the wild rumpus start!

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