Put On My Runnin’ Shoes!

Holy running shoes, Batman!

These shoes are amazing. Imagine you’re a 5 year old who runs and runs and runs and never tires. That’s what I felt like while I did nearly 5 miles the first time I placed these glorious non – shoes on my tootsies. They weigh about nothing and feel much more like a sock than a shoe – kind of like a water shoe actually.

They’re definitely something to get used to. The first half mile kiiiiinnndddaaa hurt my heels but then I seemed to adjust and I was fine. I ran to the beach and then ran on the beach for nearly a mile (talk about a butt kicker! – it felt more like 10 miles). I did get a blister but it could have been from the sand that got in from my beach run.

Later, I was extra sore. I don’t know if it was due to running in the sand or the new shoes, but either way I know Five Fingers has already started to make me change my form (which is a good thing! I need all the help that I can get!).  A little less landing on my heels and a little more landing on my toes will hopefully help to increase my speed! Although I didn’t keep my time during the first run, I know that I was smokin’!

Thanks Aunt Dawn!


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