Din Din!

Tonight for dinner we had some yuuuuummmmy poke chops with mashed patata’s & gravy and CABBAGE!

Before I open up my love letter to cabbage let me first talk about the rest of the meal. The pork chops were cuts from local piggies here in Jersey that I doused with a little egg before breading with a mix of bread crumbs, ground flax seed, wheat bran, garlic and onion powder. I spritzed a little extra virgin olive oil on them and tossed them in to the oven to bake.

Next I cut up three organic potatoes – skin on – and threw them in to boil until they were tender enough to smash with a wooden spoon. Josh took on the gravy tonight, using corn starch, organic beef base and water.

And then came the cabbage.

Let me just say that Charlie Bucket gave cabbage a bad name. It is not some dull, bland, cheap vegetable in which only people living in a crooked house should eat – But instead it’s a delicious, incredibly nutritious and inexpensive veggie with a plethora of medicinal properties.


  • High in Vitamin C – Actually more so than oranges! Vitamin C works as an antioxidant – fighting free radicals which cause cancer.
  • High in fiber – In other words, helps you poo.
  • High in Sulphur- This helps fight infections.
  • High in Iodine – which has been linked to prevent Alzheimer’s

Add all of this together and multiply it by the slight 25 calories that a serving offers and you’ve got yourself one heck of a delicious meal/side/snack/desert/breakfast/etc.

Of course, when you cook cabbage ( like any other vegetable) you lose some of the nutrients ( this sounds ridiculous but keep the cooking water! It contains all of those lost goodies and you can later use it for soups, sauces, smoothies, whatever), so I would suggest eating it raw as much as possible. But tonight we cooked it. We chopped a half a head up and threw it in to some boiling water for about 3 minutes. Then we tossed it with a leeetle olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt and black pepper and it was ready to go. Is there a much simpler side?! There are some leftovers that I plan to eat for lunch tomorrow and the other half of the head will go to some homemade spring rolls later this week!

But wait there’s more!

The cost of one delicious, nutritious, organic head of cabbage that will last for 3 meals?!

99 cents. – The icing on the cake.

Dinner’s served!


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