Man do I need a new camera!

So. These pizzas looked WAY better in person!

Notice the smiley face of pepperoni!

For dinner tonight, we made super simple homemade pizza that tastes way better than boxed pizza and is much more fun to make (uh, and healthy!)!

I started with 3/4 cup of warm water and added one packet of yeast. I let the yeast ferment for approximately 10 minutes and then added (an eyeball measurement) 1/4 cup olive oil and 2 cups whole wheat flour. I mixed it with a wooden spoon until a slightly gooey ball formed – and then I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and allowed the dough to rise for 2 1/2 hours.

Once it was nice and fluffy (is that how you’d describe dough?) I broke off small pieces and rolled out individual sized crusts on a floured surface. After the pizza stone had gotten nice and toasty, I covered the crusts in some homemade sauce, organic mozzarella and pepperoni. Then I tossed them on the stone, two at a time and baked for about 12 minutes (we like our pizza WELL done!).

While the boys always go with the traditional pepperoni pizza (Tonight Parker told me that he only likes unhealthy pizza!), I have, lately, preferred a nice white pie.

So instead of sauce, I used a tablespoon of organic ricotta and then slathered my pizza in all organic broccoli, spinach, cremini mushrooms, tomatoes (my fav!), and onions. Sprinkled a little mozzarella on top to hold it all together and threw it on the stone until it was nice and dark. DELISH!

I realized tonight that Josh and I have been making homemade pizzas together for 10 years now! It’s kind of our thing. But back in the day we used Chef Boyardee boxed mixes. Man are our pizzas better now!


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