Just when you think it’s safe to go into the water…

I’m always getting little signs sent to me anytime I stray too far from what I know. This morning, only 7 hours after turning the main topic of my blog away from food, I awake to find a CNN headline about recalled beef. So, essentially, my first post in my now non food blog is about…food.

Here’s the article in case you’re worried, but then again even if you are worried, this article probably isn’t going to do you any good because the beef in question was produced between Oct 29, 2009 through Jan 12, 2010. Didn’t you know that it takes almost an entire year to get the results back from the safety tests performed on our food? And of course, no self respecting company would actually wait for those results to come back before selling possibly tainted/dangerous food. I mean, that just doesn’t make sense. You weigh the options. The safety of the American population or money. Hmmmmmm? Well, of course money wins! I mean, there is no government regulation that requires this beef distributor to test the food that they produce to make sure it’s safe for the population before they sell it, so why would they? Had there actually been a regulation put into place, this company would have lost millions of dollars because this 1 million pounds of beef would have been thrown away. Instead, it’s much more profitable for the company to send in the tests, sell the beef, and then a good 9 months to a year later voluntarily recall the beef. How nice of them! Yeah, that’s the kicker. The USDA also has NO regulation on food recalls. It’s totally up to the company to decide if they want to recall bad food. Just another example of a government agency at it’s finest!

According to this article, 7 people have been sickened by this beef but if any of you have ever had food poisoning (actually all of you have had food poisoning. Statistics show that nearly every single person in the US gets food poisoning once a year – you just may not know that’s what you have) you know that the symptoms are similar to those of the flu, so many cases go undiagnosed. Unless of course you’re one of the unlucky kids or elderly who eat the bad food and die.

This was the case with two-year-old Kevin Kowalcyk in 2001. After eating an E Coli inflicted hamburger, he got sick and died. But, don’t worry, the beef distributor did the right thing and voluntarily recalled the beef 2 weeks later. Believe it or not, this happens all the time. The CDC estimates that EVERY SINGLE YEAR, 6 million to 81 million (THAT seems like they know what they’re talking about – how about it we just say maybe 1 person and maybe 75 million people, aw hell, we don’t know!) get sick from food borne illness and an estimated 9,000 people die.  That’s nearly 25 people a day, dieing from the tainted food that our government is allowing big business to easily put out there for us. It’s okay though, after a few years of fighting with Congress to get Kevin’s Law passed, Congress finally agreed that maybe our public health safety is more important than the food industry’s profit. Kevin’s Law was passed! But then again, that was a year ago. I’m sure the people who were infected this time around want to know who’s in charge of enforcing this new bill.

2 thoughts on “Just when you think it’s safe to go into the water…

  1. I hate stories like that, and I especially hate that so many foods that are seemingly safe are not any more. Like spinach and sprouts and beef and peanut butter, all foods that have been recalled in the last few years. I’m hoping that more laws and regulations will be put into place to investigate growing and processing plants, and to make sure clean practices are in place.

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