I’m back…

I’ve got my Mojo back! Dr. Evil stole it but luckily, just like Austin Powers, I now realize that it’s been inside of me all along.

It’s funny, the little things that inspire me. An old friend’s reference to storytelling made me remember why I love to write (You could call her my Felicity Shagwell). The best thing about a blog, in comparison to a handwritten journal, is that the pages can’t be worn, the ink can’t be smudged, the stories can’t be lost in the shuffle. My greatest hope for everything that I have ever written in the blogosphere is that my boys will be able to read these words and get a glimpse of who their mother was. Hopefully, they know me for a very long time but I am constantly changing. The power of a blog lies within its ability to freeze time.  I will never again be 25 years old on January 25.  But right here on this page, I will never be anything different. I can’t imagine what my mother or my grandmother would have blogged about when they were 25, but even if they’d written 1,000 pages, I’d read it.

I have a lot of really positive things going on in my life right now. I’m training for my greatest distance yet – 10 miles! This is also the first time that I’ve actually followed a training plan and I have to say, it feels really good. I have 9 weeks to go and I can’t wait to see what it feels like at the end of March.

Speaking of the end of March, my little guy made it! He is potty trained! Theo will turn 3 on March 26 and I absolutely REFUSED to allow him to still be in diapers for his birthday. Potty training was THE hardest part of parenting to date with Parker and I was dreading stepping into that territory with Theo, but I knew we had to get it over with. We had a few rough weeks but just as Park did, one day Theo just decided that he got it. I think this is why the whole concept is so difficult for me to handle. I am such a control freak  and no matter what you do as a parent, you can’t control your kids “urge to go” , especially when it’s the urge to go in their pants. But it’s done! The hard part is over and now I’m good for another 8 years – until I have a teenager living in my house. For now though, I am thoroughly enjoying (probably more so than I have yet) my babies, er uh, big boys.

Besides this excitement we have school, work, volunteering, friends, art class, bowling, homework, cooking, reading and lots of laughing going on in this family. And I, personally, can’t wait for more of it all.


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