For The Cure

It’s a well known statement that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Personally, I have known 16 people (probably more) who have been diagnosed with the disease, but that doesn’t include the countless number of people who have been affected indirectly. Every single day, cancer changes lives like that of my grandmother who, at age 17, was left without a mother due to breast cancer, or my father who lost his father to melanoma when he was only 16.  Losing a loved one to cancer can be just as damaging as being diagnosed with it yourself. To me, survivors aren’t just the people who have fought the battle and beat cancer, but also the people who are left behind when it’s cancer that wins the fight. They go on surviving years of milestones and memories, missing the piece of the puzzle that cancer took away. Until a cure is found, more and more of us will continue to be this kind of survivor.

Ultimately we are going to find an answer, whether it’s a cure or a prevention. Research leads to medical breakthroughs as well as preventative measures (ugh, no thank you MSG, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, cigarettes, tanning beds)  but unfortunately, research is expensive and there are dozens of different kinds of cancers to study. Luckily, that’s where our survival mode kicks in. With so many survivors hurting from what cancer has done to them, one giant, pissed off, powerhouse has been created with one goal in mind. Kick cancer’s ass. People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds band together everyday to do whatever they can to help in the fight. Recently, my aunt made the decision to do her part by walking in the 2011 Cleveland 3 Day Walk For The Cure sponsored by The Susan G. Komen Foundation. After raising a substantial amount of money for the foundation, she will walk 60 miles over the course  of 3 days, in honor of supporting a cure for cancer.  Right now she is training for the walk, but most importantly, trying to raise the funds needed to support cancer research and awareness programs. She is most definitely doing her part (as of this morning she was up to 11 miles at a time – in 20 degree weather) but needs help with the fund raising.

So I am asking anyone who reads this to donate $10. On the day of my last blog post, I had 18 readers. If my measly, little, silly blog could raise $180 for cancer research, I would be beyond thrilled. But before you donate money to appease me, or blow this off because you’re facing a computer screen and not a real person, think about how many people you know who have been diagnosed with cancer. And then think about how many people you know who haven’t been diagnosed but have been left behind to survive. Considering those numbers, $10 is truly not a lot.

Visit the link below to donate to my aunt’s fundraiser, or go to and search Dawn Beiling. It’s that easy to turn 1 movie ticket, or 2 Starbucks coffees, or 3 beers at the bar into cancer research.




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