Our Semi – Veg Week

With impending weigh in’s in less than a month, Josh came up with the brilliant idea that instead of crash dieting for a week, maybe he should start now. So he suggested (MUCH to my surprise) trying a Vegan diet for a week. I was completely up for it but going Vegan is tougher than it sounds. The week ended more along the lines of semi vegetarian but nonetheless an accomplishment!

Monday we started easily with whole wheat pasta and mixed veggies. Zuccini, kale, and onions. Tuesday was white fish, quinoa salad and broccoli. Wednesday was a delicious barley, kale and mushroom soup with whole wheat rolls. And then came Thursday.

We broke and had Five Guys for dinner. And then Rita’s for dessert.


We jumped back on the bandwagon tonight though and had the YUMMIEST black bean burgers. Seriously, they were delicious. So delicious I want to share the recipe!

Using a fork, I smashed 2 cups of black beans. Then in a food processor, I pureed a can of tomatoes, green chilis, cilantro, and lime juice and added the mixture to the smashed black beans. I threw in a little corn for some added sweetness and then formed patties and put them on the grill.  I served them covered in pepper jack cheese, spring mix, tomatoes, and onions, alongside asparagus. Delicious!

7 lbs. later for Josh and 3 lbs. later for me (men suck!) we are celebrating with Skinnygirl Margaritas and homemade salsa!

It feels good to be healthy! 🙂


One thought on “Our Semi – Veg Week

  1. I love black bean patties, or burgers..
    And skinny girl is awesome… I definitely want to try the quinoa salad 🙂 sounds like something Chris would love!!!

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