Just for fun

I came across this little questionnaire on another blog and thought since I haven’t blogged in a while, this would be something quick and fun to fill out myself! Enjoy 🙂

Favorite band as a 12 year old: The Backstreet Boys – Brian Litrell Baby!
Favorite band now: Coldplay
Favorite book as a kid: The Babysitter’s Club series
Favorite book now: The Twilight series (Ugh. haven’t changed all that much!) and Born To Run
Favorite place on Earth as a kid: My Grandma’s house
Favorite place on Earth now: My kitchen and my bedroom
Greatest achievement as a kid: Surviving my childhood was an achievement all on it’s own! hehe
Greatest achievement now: My relationship with my husband.
3 things I’d grab from my burning home as a kid: My books, my sticker collection, my barbies.
3 things I’d grab from my burning home now: My boys, my dog, my big box o’ memories.
All-time favorite movie as a kid: Ghost
All-time favorite movie now: Lots, but most in the ripping your heart out of your chest genre.
Biggest fear as a kid: Lots
Biggest fear now: Losing loved ones
Favorite game as a kid: 500 Rummy
Favorite game now: 500 Rummy
Middle name: Leigh
Siblings: Erin, Troy, Bret and Chanel
First job: Besides Babysitting, Life Guarding ( kind of the same thing).
Fake accent of choice: Southern all the way!
Fave animal: Birds, right now.
Birthmarks: an ugly on my leg, and my favorite – because my boys have it too – a red patch on my neck under my hair line.
Fave sport: Basketball to play, baseball to watch (although I am becoming an avid Soccer fan).
Car of choice: My bike.
Hidden talent: Reciting the 50 states in alphabetical order in under 20 seconds
Fave chore:  Sweeping
Least fave chore: Cleaning bathrooms
I suck at: Baking
I rock at: Remembering
In my pocket is: Nothing
Grossest food: Peppers, even though I try.
Fave foods: Cheese, any cheese.
Things I’ll never buy cheap: ice cream. It’s Ben & Jerry’s or it’s nothing.
Most frequent splurge: Ben & Jerry’s? 🙂
Fave Song of All Time: Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones
Fave Superhero: Spiderman because of my little man, but really it’s Wolverine. I love the Xmen message and Hugh Jackman doesn’t hurt either.
Current Obsession: Blogs. I find a new one that interests me almost daily.
And there you have it!

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