Sweet Summertime.

Ahhhhh. With only one more week of school left, I am officially declaring it SUMMERTIME in our household. All of the signs of summer are here. Cookouts galore, late night bedtimes, pancake Saturday mornings, slip and slides, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream and a laid back attitude.


I can prove it. My house has consistently been a mess for a week now.  And I don’t care.

That’s what’s best about Summertime. Parker said it’s no school, Theo said it’s the playground all day long,  Josh said it’s the warm weather. But I know they’re all wrong. The best thing about Summertime is that I lighten up.  It’s not that I’m not happy throughout the rest of the year, it’s just that during the school year, I need to bring my A game. I run a tight ship around here and am constantly making sure the boys get their 11 hours of sleep, eat a fruit and vegetable with every meal and work hard on homework. Not to mention keeping a nightly cleaning routine and acting as a scheduling freak! Everyday is the same and I like it like that. Things get done. We stay organized. Stress is generally low because of this and all along we’re teaching the boys to work hard when there’s work to be done.

But Summertime is different. Summer is the season when we teach our boys to play hard after the work has been done. Stress is low because we throw the structure out the door. The sun stays out longer giving us more hours in the day. Produce is abundant so we naturally eat more fruits and veggies. And we can sleep any hour of the day or night.


When our boys are grown and they look back on their childhood, I bet some of the favorite memories will come from sweet summertime.


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