School’s Out For Summer.

The day has finally come.

School’s out for Summer.

And I couldn’t be any sadder.

First of all, I forgot my camera which means that I don’t have a final Kindergarten run into the school picture.  I’ll have to make do with an end of the day photo. Secondly, Kindergarten is over. I have a first grader. Ugh.

Part of what makes this upsetting to me is that Park won’t have the same teacher next year. I absolutely love his Kindergarten teacher. She is beyond amazing. I want to fill my kids’ lives with as many positive forces as possible and she will definitely go down in the books as one of them.

The end of Kindergarten also means that Parker only has one more year at Cape May City Elementary. A school that I adore as much as his teacher. For the past few weeks I’ve thought about this at every single event I’ve attended at the school.  Along with the education that Park receives, his relationship with the people in his school is incredibly important to me.  This entire school, Pre K through 6th (which would normally make me flinch), has such a positive attitude and family like feel that it’s impossible for any kid to feel like an outcast.

Above all though, the hardest part is the realization that I have been counting down the days, for weeks, until Summer break. Counting away days of my boys’ childhood. Of course, I was only counting because I was/am excited to have both of my kiddo’s home with me all day. Excited to play from dawn til dusk. Excited for all that we have planned for this Summer. But nonetheless, the day is finally here and it hit me much differently than I imagined it would.

Yesterday, while the boys and I stopped a bike ride for some ice cream and a potty break, a woman who was washing her hands in the restroom smiled as I tried to keep Theo from looking under the stalls and said “Just enjoy it”. She went on to say that she had just had her children yesterday and she woke up to find them all in their 40’s. I know what she means. I just had my babies yesterday and I awoke to a 1st grader and a Preschooler.

As for Josh, well, I think he knows what she means too. He’s asked me to pick him up early from work today so that he can surprise Parker with one last lunch date at school. 😦


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