Movin’ on up?

There are so many things going on my life right now that I’m about to burst if I don’t get some of it out!! Mostly excitement with a little anxiety but I’m definitely feeling more wired than usual. Typically, I’m not a stress out kind of gal. Of course, I have my moments of ranting but for the most part I’m pretty go with the flow, which I why I think I’m perfect for this military lifestyle . The action (or lack of) that the CG has brought us this week though, has left me squirming in ways that I’m not used to. Last year I laughed as my friends stressed over transfer season because I couldn’t understand. I’ve moved  4 times and I’ve never stressed about it. That includes the move we did one week after Theo’s birth, but only kind of includes my initial disappointment over moving to NJ. We all know how that turned out…I now love New Jersey. I’m ready to jump anyone who talks smack about the armpit of America. The love that I have for a place that I was terrified to live in just 3 years ago, has made me even more relaxed about moving. I am truly not afraid to move anywhere anymore. I know that there is something good about every single place in our country. I like the fact that the South is so different from the North and the Midwest is so different from the Coast and the East is so different from the West. That just means that our family will learn about and be influenced by each different culture (hence why I’m now a Jersey girl :)) But the truth is that for the first time in my adult life, I am home sick. Blah. I hate saying that out loud.

For those of you who don’t already know, Josh was selected to be a recruiter for the CG. This has several benefits including the fact that we get our orders months before anyone else. This means that while everyone else is just now getting their picks and making the list of where they hope to transfer next Summer, we got our list in June and turned in our picks in August. According to every. single. recruiter we’ve talked to, it usually only takes one month to get your orders, but low and behold it has been 2 months now and still no orders. Up until last week I was totally calm and collected and truly couldn’t care less but then we got word that all of the jobs had been slated and four spots remained. 2 Baltimore, Chicago and San Antonio. Chicago was on our list (which was 14 cities long) but neither of the others. Since Josh was not one of the four people who received the email saying they needed to choose from one of these cities, he has already been placed. We expected to have orders that day or the next since obviously, the detailer knows where he’s putting us, but got nothing! That was last Thursday. Enter, anxiety.

The anxiety continued because we then went on to find out that our number one pick, Memphis, could have very possibly (although not definitely) gone to another person (who happens to work for the CG recruiting command). To skip out on beginning another story, we thought that we were getting Memphis, for several good reasons. In my mind, I was already driving through the smoky mountains on my way to South Tennessee. I know everything there is to know about the Mississippi town that we plan to live in, from what the schools are like, to how far the nearest Whole Foods is from my imaginary house. But now, my confidence has been rocked. Now I’m left in that void that so many of my friends were in just last year. Not because there are places that I hope not to get, but because I don’t know what’s next but I do know that someone does!

The next two cities on our list are Houston and Seattle, both of which I would be thrilled to move to. Living in Houston means that I could bring out my inner Texan (I mean, come on, I do have the boobs. LOL) and Seattle is my food heaven. Oh my, just thinking about all of the cheap organic fare that dwells within that city (including at Safeco Field and street car vendors!) gets me excited! To top it off, I love the rain and fog and coffee! Could it get any better?!

Usually I’d say no way! But right now, for me, it could.

Back to what I was saying earlier. I’m home sick. Which brings me to our 4th city. Pittsburgh. The closest we could get to going home. At first I thought, hell to the no, am I agreeing to put that city on the top of my list of where I hope to live! Not because of the city itself – I am in love with Pittsburgh – but because I wanted nothing to do with being that close to home. But Josh and I discussed everything that one could possibly consider when moving and decided that it wouldn’t be awful to get stationed in Pittsburgh. Josh (being the closet townie that he is) was all about putting it near the top of our list (although, really I could have made the list on my own for how much he cares where we go). We talked about it and realized that this was actually the perfect scenario for returning. If we go back for the four years that his orders will be and love it, he can get out and get a job. If we go back for those four years and hate it, he can stay in and we can once again make our grand exit. We chose to put it at number 6 (there are 2 Houstons and 2 Seattles on our list, if you’re doing the math) because that way we weren’t guaranteed to go there (in our reasoning, not many people want to go to Pitt so we didn’t want to look desperate by putting it as number 1. It’s all a game, my friend). Add a few more cities that were “eh” and our list was made.

And then something happened just three weeks ago. The homesickness set in. I don’t know where the hell it came from. I’m guessing because it has now hit me that we are most definitely leaving our current home. Cape May, the first place we’ve felt at home since we left good old C Town. So now my mind is reverting back to the only other home that we’ve known (and have a chance to go back to). Add in last week’s news and the fact that part of our reasoning behind picking Pittsburgh was that not many other people will likely pick it (obviously, if we’re the only one who picked Pittsburgh or the only one who listed it so high up, we’re getting it), and you’ve got yourself one stressed out, anxious, pregnant lady.

Today Josh was told that 47 out of the 80 something recruiters received their orders. Those 47 were the guys who are leaving boats to head to a recruiting station (and therefor deserve better and faster orders). My little analyzing brain tells me that if one of those 47 (higher priority) guys put Memphis, Houston, or Seattle as one of their top picks, they got it and my sweet, non boat husband did not. Which once again, adds to my Sherlock Holmes investigation of where we’re going as well as to my hopes that we’re going home! And to think that 2 months ago we could have just put Pittsburgh as our number 1.

And there is your very detailed, very in depth look into my sick and twisted brain.

Despite my home sickness I really do think I’ll be thrilled to just know where the frick we’re going. It’s kind of like Christmas – I’m not scared that I didn’t get any presents, I’m just anxious to open them!  Hopefully this detailer will drop down the chimney tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted!


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