You’re my best friend.

I recently read an article that was hilarious and totally reminiscent of my relationship with Josh. It was a feature about a woman’s “almost fling” with another man while on a weekend getaway to Vegas with some friends.  No, I’ve never had an almost fling – that’s not the part that I related to. What I related to was when all of the friends vowed not to tell their husbands what had happened on their trip (they dressed like 21 year olds and danced with other men at clubs – nothing really.) and then the writer went home and laughed with her husband as she told him everything that had happened. I’ve been known to come home at 2am and wake Josh up to laugh with him and tell him everything that had happened during my night out with friends (My last big story was when a friend, who also happens to be a mom, pee’d on someone’s car because she didn’t like them. haha Don’t worry, I won’t mention any names!) How much he actually enjoys hearing all of this at 2 am, I can’t say, but he always gets up and listens and laughs.

The reason I do this is simple. Josh is my all time best friend and we don’t keep secrets. Any.

It’s kind of impossible to keep a secret from him because I’ve been very close with him since I was 14, so nothing really ever qualifies as something that I’m too embarrassed for him to know. He asked me out when I was wearing braces. He saw me fall flat on my face (which is still brought up often) during basketball practice. He kept me company when I laid out on a trampoline covered in baby oil and ended up blistering so badly (including on my face) that I couldn’t get out of bed.

That’s not to mention my twenties when I gained 60 lbs and felt like I was trapped inside of a fat suit. Or when he watched during my (and any woman’s) most unflattering moments of giving birth. Or when he had to clean up my vomit (repeatedly) when I had drank far too much wine (another example of our crazy girls’ nights). He’s seen it all. The real Morgan laid flat out for his viewing pleasure(?). And yet he’s still my best friend. He accepts and loves me for who I am (even if he uses a lot of this material for laughing fodder), so why would I hide anything from him?

I also recently read a blog about the secret things that women do when their husbands are not around. The stuff this woman listed were things like eating crazy foods at nighttime, peeing with the door open, and wearing unflattering shorts to bed. To me, this is crazy! I can’t tell you how many times Josh and I together, have eaten potato chips while dipping them into Ben & Jerry’s and drinking a beer at 9pm in bed. Oh, I also was probably wearing a pair of HIS most unflattering shorts. Why? Because that’s what friends do. They relax around each other and do the normal things that they would do if the other wasn’t there. I truly can not think of one thing that I wouldn’t do just because he was home. I get that some women think that certain parts of themselves are better left to their husband’s imagination but that’s not me. I would feel like I was pretending to be something I’m not, if I hid certain parts of myself for the fear that he wouldn’t like those parts.

I’m sure Josh feels the same way because I’ve seen him do quite a few questionable things. But  I won’t mention those things (even if I use a lot of this material for laughing fodder) – I actually keep his secrets 🙂

Stupid 16 and 18 year olds.

Yes, he saw me with this dye job.

That’s my Joshy poo!

We have LOTS of unflattering pictures together.

My 28 year old husband wearing his glory days high school football tee to bed. And I don’t mind.

Singing country songs together.


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