Protein Breakfast Smoothie

Lately my boys have become obsessed with smoothies for breakfast. I think they’re sick of their usual banana and jumped at the chance when I offered a smoothie in leu of a fruit. They still eat a whole grain but some days I whip up a super (secret) healthy smoothie to go along side it. I actually love the days when they choose the smoothie because I can sneak in lots of ingredients (flax, chia, etc) that they normally wouldn’t consume on a everyday basis. So far we’ve done green smoothies with spinach, blueberry and strawberry (we buy organic frozen, that way most of the nutrients stay intact and I don’t have to add any ice) and today I tried my hand at a chocolate peanut butter. It turned out delish!

1/2 cup organic vanilla low fat yogurt (sweetened with stevia)

1/2 banana

2 tablespoons of ground organic flax

2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

2 tablespoons pumpkin

1 cup of organic chocolate soy milk

Blend well for 20 or so seconds and serve. This smoothie is great for kids who may not get excited for health food because all you can really taste is the chocolate and peanut butter.

A few notes about why this is so good.

  • First, this is a high protein smoothie. The soy and the peanut butter provide a large amount of non animal product protein.
  • It still provides a serving of fruit. The banana and the pumpkin that I snuck in, make sure the boys still got their fruit with breakfast.
  • The hidden flax provides Omega 3’s!
  • The yogurt provides probiotics to help their little bellies digest.
  • Cocoa powder is a not so well known super food filled with antioxidants! Read here.

I also have to note that I just read an article on new findings with buying organic and was surprised to find that peanut butter is one of the things on which you should splurge. Apparently, conventional peanuts are treated with an anti fungal which has just proven to be a bit more dangerous than previously thought. We’ve always bought organic because it’s the easiest option for finding peanut butter that has no other ingredients besides peanuts and salt (i.e. not Jif the sugar spread), but now this just reinforces what we’re already doing.


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