Meatless Monday!

Oh how I love not buying meat! It is so much fun to create meals around other things besides a big hunk of meat and we all feel better after we eat. Filled but not sleepy or stuffed. Plus, who could turn down buying a 99 cent can of organic beans as opposed to a $7.99 pound of organic chicken! Win!

Tonight Josh and I made chipotle bean and cheese quesadillas. I did the technical cooking but Josh was the recipe creator. We started by pureeing 1 can of rinsed organic pinto beans along with 4 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the food processor. I was not thinking of just how hot chipotle peppers are, but instead just loading in lots of sauce and big chunky peppers. If you’re not a fan of ultra spiciness, I would skimp a little on the chipotles! Next, I warmed up a can of rinsed organic black beans with about a cup of frozen organic corn and a splash of lime juice. I grated some organic white cheddar and diced up some green onions and began to load up our whole wheat tortillas on the griddle. The quesadillas cooked until the cheese was all gooey and melty and delicious and then they were cut and served with a (big) dollop of organic sour cream. The cream was a MUST in order to counteract some of that heat!

The innards.

The spicy lady!

The final product.

The smoky spice from the chipotles mixed with the sweet corn and onions was amazing. I loved every bite. I have to add that Josh wasn’t able to finish his entire quesadilla because it was so filling. I think people tend to think that vegetarian meals just aren’t that filling when in reality the fiber from veggies, beans and whole grains can really do the trick!


Also, a side note – tonight we made a kid friendly version of dinner. This RARELY happens in our house since our kids eat what we eat, but the heat of this dish is just too much for little guys! Our boys can handle some heat but not this. The only difference between our dinners was the omission of the chipotles. After pureeing the pinto beans, I took a little aside before adding the peppers, that way the boys could have the beans without the spice. They loved it that way too.

Josh wanted me to add a picture of his specialty – homemade salsa. But the recipe is secret 🙂 


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