Workouts, weight loss and everything postpartum: One month.

It’s so cliche to say that babies grow up so quickly but there is a reason why it’s cliche. Because they do. I can’t believe that the past month has flown by already. Ruby is one month old today!


She is currently 8lbs 9oz, which is how much Theo weighed when he was born and still 6oz less than Parker did. This weight puts her just above the 25th percentile. Peanut girl. She is also 21.5 inches long which puts her at an inch and a half longer than she was when she was born and in the 75th percentile. Tall baby. Her head is average which is also different for us…our boys have big heads which have always been above average. haha. She is a fantastic sleeper (my kinda girl) and usually sleeps from 10 until around 7, only waking around 3am for a diaper change and feeding. This has basically been her schedule since she was born but there have been a few rough nights here and there. As far as feedings go, Ruby has found nursing to be somewhat of a challenge, causing me to have several nights of (hormonal) breakdowns. After a few weeks of extreme stress on my part, we made the decision to add 1 to 2 daily bottles of organic formula to her diet. We made this decision, not because the doctor was concerned, but because it gave me a little peace of mind. I’ve never had a baby lose so much weight after birth (11oz), nor have I had a baby struggle to gain it back (only 4oz after nearly 2 weeks). Although her weight is no longer an issue for me, we (I) have had other scares pop up just this week. Sparing the details, we believe that Miss Ruby has a milk protein allergy which means that as long as I am nursing, I can not have dairy. I have officially broken up with Ben & Jerry. And cheese. Boo. On the bright side though, this should help me lose the (annoying) remaining “baby weight”.

Weight Loss and Diet

Throughout my pregnancy I worked my ass off to make sure that I didn’t go overboard on the weight gain. I’ve done this before and learned my lesson. I managed to gain only 25 pounds which is the lowest recommended weight gain. I also managed to lose all but 5 of those pounds within the first week after giving birth. But, I’ve only been able to drop 2 of those last 5 since then. It sounds ridiculous to give 3 pounds so much thought but I am. I want them gone. The good news is that I know exactly why I haven’t lost them yet – 3 visitors in 3 weeks gives lots of opportunities to go out to eat…and get ice cream afterwards. Oh and Easter candy doesn’t help a sweet tooth out. Besides too many restaurant meals and a couple of sugar binges, my diet has been pretty spot on. I’m trying to stay right around 1300 calories a day which is what is recommended for someone who’s counting calories while nursing. This is definitely a doable number for me. My days start off  with being famished, so breakfast is always the biggest meal of the day for me. It pretty much consists of steel cut oats with peanut butter, flax, chia, cinnamon, almonds and some sort of fruit for around 500 calories. Up until this week, I had also been adding a dollop of vanilla yogurt but that’s now out with the rest of the dairy. I try to consume as many galactagogues as I can each day which isn’t hard for me since most of them happen to be my favorite foods anyway. After breakfast the rest of the day is all about veggies and whole grains. Drinking a ton of water is also important but that’s also not difficult because, as Josh says, I have a water addiction.


Postpartum running has been good so far. It’s definitely been more of a challenge than I expected since I ran throughout most of my pregnancy but I know I’ll get it back quickly. The biggest surprise for me was my cardiovascular weakness during my first run. My breathing was off and my lungs were burning. I was also extremely sore the next day. The other difference in postpartum running (TMI alert) is the jiggly, lose belly feeling. This will only go away with more running as the muscles and ligaments in your stomach begin to tighten again after the 9 months of loosening to support a growing baby belly. I can’t wait for this to be remedied. Nothing makes you feel like less of a runner than a bowl full of Jello belly. Besides these things though, everything was good.  My legs felt strong, I managed 2 miles in 20 minutes and I actually enjoyed it despite the differences. I’ve done the same run twice more since, and each time has felt a little bit better.

Adjusting To Life With Three

So far, being a mama of three is great. It is so much fun to have a kid who’s reading chapter books and listening to Big Time Rush (the new “it” thing), a silly preschooler who serenades me with songs and dances about animals, and a sweet cuddly baby whose cheeks are so soft and plump that I just want to chew on them (seriously, who doesn’t chew on their baby’s cheeks?). Adjusting from one to two was by far more difficult than adjusting from two to three (I’m sure the separation in age also makes all the difference – when we had Theo, Parker was still a toddler in diapers). The biggest adjustment this time has been figuring out our new schedule. Mornings are by far the hardest part of the day since I have to squeeze in nursing, diaper changes, showers, getting all three dressed, getting myself dressed, making and cleaning up breakfast for the boys, getting breakfast for myself, kids’ hair combed, teeth brushed, shoes on, back packs packed, loaded in the van and off to school within 2 hours. The good thing is that we’re all morning people :). There’s also more laundry (cloth diapers) to be washed, more doctors appointments to go to, and more cuddling to be done but  all of the craziness is worth it. One day I will miss the noise and the needs of three kids so for now I am just trying to enjoy all of it!


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