New House Tour: First Floor

We’re finally starting to feel totally settled and this house is beginning to feel more like our home everyday. I think that’s partially due to my way of compensating for having no friends here: shopping. haha. I mean really. When you’re stuck in the house all day, with no adults to talk to, what’s the easiest way to interact with other people? Go to a store, of course! Well, anyway, to keep a long story short, here are the basics of our new house.

We arrived to a house that we had leased 4 weeks prior to moving here, after only having seen pictures. We were excited to move into our 5 year old, 2275 square foot, 4 bedroom + a loft, house but sorely disappointed when we got here. The house is beautiful and by far the nicest house that either Josh or I have lived in, but it has not been cared for. At all. Gorgeous hardwoods are damaged and scratched. Upstairs carpet is stained and clearly clawed by many cats. Walls are painted a flat, military (I’m sure many of you can picture these walls. ugh.) white and adorned with dirt/paint/hand prints/poorly patched holes/etc. And the filth is unbelievable. Now, I’ll give credit and say that I have high standards when it comes to cleanliness but I believe most would be embarrassed to rent out a house in the condition that was this house. Like I said, disappointment. But, now nearly 2 months since we’ve arrived in Texas, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We have painted quite a bit and are still considering painting more (although we go back and forth because, really, how much money and time and effort do we want to put into a home that we don’t own), we have cleaned and scrubbed and decorated and made it work for us. So how about a big reveal for all of our hard work!


I love this kitchen. Besides the amount of time and cleaner that I had to use to get it up to par, this kitchen did not disappoint. Love it! Especially the rose and blue sage bushes right outside the window.


This is the view from the front door. Sometime in the near future, we plan on getting a new dining table and chairs. I’m thinking a rustic farm table with stainless steel tabouret chairs. Our current dining table does match our kitchen cabinets perfectly though.

Living Room:

You can’t really tell from the pictures, but our walls are a sky blue color. Also, we currently have a Craigslist project in the garage that will eventually go next to our love seat. A gorgeous set of nesting tables that I paid $30 for. They were mahogany but we’re painting them white. Craigslist score!

Formal Dining/Front Room:

Obviously, we’re not using this room as a formal dining room. We’re just not formal people, so it’s going to be a sitting area. The chair is a $15!!!!!! yard sale find, which we recovered for $29. We’re going to go this week and buy the matching ottoman (IKEA) and eventually, I’d like to get some sort of side table and cute lamp to accompany the cute little chair. For anyone who wonders if we’ll ever really use this space: Yes. I actually sit out there anytime I make a phone call or need a little quiet time away from the boys. The boys also sit out there whenever they have computer time. Final Verdict: Absolute waste of square footage, but we’ll make do!


I love the photo wall but I hate the plain white washed color. This is the area that we are debating on whether to paint. The problem is that the front of the entry way has vaulted ceilings which means a LOT of work to paint it all.

Half Bath:

Nothing fancy – schmancy. Just a plain half bath in the entry way. Definitely needs to be painted a different color than the military white. Still undecided on what that color will be though. Probably something neutral.

So there you have it. The first floor of our new house. We also have a door to the garage across from the half bath which we turned into a chalk board, and a small coat closet next to the bathroom. In the kitchen, next to the refrigerator, is our walk in pantry which is awesome! I’ve started a ball jar collection to help keep the pantry stocked and I love how organized it all looks.

Tomorrow begins finishing the upstairs and then I’ll post the second floor tour. My favorite: Ruby’s nursery 🙂


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