So what’s new with the kids?

I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and throughout that time, many things have changed within my blog. The look, the site, and eventually the topic. Once more, I’m going to change things up around here.   My original purpose to starting a blog was to share my interest and knowledge of clean eating. Once I discovered how much I love to write (journal style), I moved into more of an open subject blog but since doing that, I’ve realized that most of what I write about is the kids. So now, my intention for this blog (although I may veer off course every once in a while) is to use it as a tool for sharing everyday details about what’s going on with the kids. Living in Texas is rough when ALL of your friends and family are on the East coast. While the boys love talking on the phone and Skype, I’m not much of a phone person myself, so updating everyone via the blog is a good alternative. So with all of that said, here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Parker and Theo are both back to school now. Parker adjusted with complete ease to his new school and has made several friends both at school and in our neighborhood. He’s excelling in second grade, where he actually gets percentage grades now. As of his 5th week progress report, he has a 100% in Reading and Language Arts and a 99% in Math (Science and Social Studies do not get grades). His new favorite hobby (perhaps because we no longer have a playground right outside our door) is reading. He has read 5 chapter books in 5 weeks and shows no signs of stopping. Sadly, he is starting to notice that he is the youngest in his grade (there was an incident with a fellow second grader calling him “a little guy”) and it seems to be getting to him a bit. But besides this, he has totally taken to Texas. Before moving here, we made it a big joke deal to emphasise how polite Texans are. We said that the boys must start saying M’am and Sir and polishing up on their please and thank yous. Parker took this to heart and within the first week of school, he received a special shout out on the morning announcements for being the only kid out of a class of 20 for saying thank you to a woman who held the door during a fire drill. He was very proud to come home and tell us and needless to say, we were very proud of him as well. Image

Theo is also doing great in school as well as adjusting to Texas. He is just a complete social butterfly and literally makes three new friends every time we go to Target (mini Josh? I think so.). He is going to a Kiddie Kollege for a few hours in the afternoon, two days a week. He actually has homework this year and although he doesn’t seem to be jumping at the idea of doing homework twice a week, he has no problem with the actual work they’re doing. Out of the blue, this past week, Theo asked to have his own room. He and Parker made the decision two years ago to share a bedroom and even though we have four bedrooms in our current house, they decided when we arrived here that they wanted to continue sharing a bedroom. Apparently something changed this week because on Monday, Theo asked to sleep in the guest room and started talking about turning it into his own room. Parker wasn’t so fond of separating just yet, which Josh and I found to be funny because we’d always imagined he would be the one who would want to pull away from Theo a little bit. The next night was no different. Theo slept in the guest room and once again talked about making it his own room, so on Wednesday we all discussed changing up the rooms and went furniture shopping for Theo’s new digs. Parker still wasn’t sold on the idea so we picked up a few new things for him as well just to sweeten the deal. The rest of the week was spent painting, putting together furniture and moving things around. Last night was the first night the boys had in their new rooms and everything went perfectly. We put all of the toys in Theo’s room (the playroom is eventually going to become a game room) and made Parker’s room more of a “big kid” room so they both ended up very happy.


ImageImage Parker’s new room.


Theo’s new room. It still needs a little more decor but he loves it already!


Obviously I didn’t get a chance to take a picture before Theo started enjoying his new bedroom.

ImageAside from school, both of the boys chose to participate in a fall activity. Parker, of course, went with soccer and Theo, of course, went with swimming. Josh is once again coaching Parker’s team and last weekend was their first game. Parker did great and although we don’t “keep score”, every one keeps score and we won. haha Soccer is much different in Texas than it was in New Jersey and I imagine that’s because we’re in Friday Night Lights country. Theo still isn’t swimming on his own (actually, we had an incident last Saturday where he fell into a friend’s pool and was drowning without anyone knowing before Parker saw him, jumped in and swam to him and literally saved his life. I’ll tell that full story soon.) but he is getting there. He has absolutely no fear (even after last weekend). He is completely under the water within 5 seconds of getting in and will kick and float without any hesitation. He truly pushes the limits anytime he can, including while I’m watching him (cutting him the “mom eye”) at swimming lessons. I have talked to him about staying on the steps while his coach is with other kids every single day before lesson and yet every single day, he slowly makes his way to the bottom of the steps and plunges out into the 3’6″ water. He’s 3’6″. He then just flails himself to the side of the pool and smiles at me like I should be proud that he was able to do it. He’s a stinker. Image

Well what about Miss Ruby? She’s officially off and moving all around the house. She’s not quite crawling yet but army crawling everywhere she needs to go. At 6 months old, her personality is really starting to show and I like to say that she’s a perfect cross between Parker and Theo, although that seems to be defined more by looking like Parker and acting like Theo. haha She is loud! She doesn’t cry much, but screams anytime she wants something. She turns it on fast if there’s something that she wants and we’re not moving fast enough for her. I would say that feisty and sassy are good descriptors for her but she is also THE sweetest baby. She gives big, wet, open mouth kisses and laughs uncontrollably at her brothers. Seriously. She already thinks her big brothers are the funniest, best guys on the planet and they just eat it up. It’s pretty much one, big, nonstop performance here in our house. She flashes a big toothless grin (flirts?) every time Josh walks in the room, however, she is a complete mama’s girl. To say that her preference for me surprises me, is an understatement. I’ve never been the favored parent. lol I’m the disciplinarian and Josh is the fun parent so I guess there’s a chance that her favoritism could very well change within the next few years but for now, I’m just going to enjoy all of the extra snuggles I get. As far as eating and growing goes, she’s doing great. I just stopped breastfeeding this past week for reasons of my own so she’s now eating organic formula and supplementing with all of the foods she’s trying out. We’re doing mostly baby-led weaning and allowing her to feed herself but every few days I also feed her baby oatmeal. She started solids about a month ago and has already tried bananas, avocados, peaches, pears, beets, beans, kiwi, applesauce, peas, carrots, and maybe a few others that I’m forgetting. The only thing that she hasn’t seemed to like is kiwi. She loves to eat and loves to feed herself even more. She is very independent (as much so as a 6 month old can be) so she doesn’t seem to like the idea of someone else controlling when and how much food goes into her mouth. We also just introduced a sippy cup last week and she loves it. As of her 6 month appointment she weighed 14 lbs 11 oz putting her in the 25% for weight and I can’t remember how long she measured but it was within the 75%. She’s a string bean of a baby. Sleeping is also getting better. She’s finally taking long naps during the day but still waking up once a night. Our doctor told us that we can now just let her cry it out at night since she’s only waking due to habit but Josh (the sensitive one, haha) thinks she’s still too little for that. It’s really not that bad though. She goes to bed at 7 and wakes usually around 2 or 3 and then sleeps until anywhere from 6 to 8. We’ve finally reached the point where we can just lay her down in her bed and she’ll go to sleep on her own, so like I said, it’s really not that bad.Image

So overall, we’re all adjusting well to this new town, and state, and culture. Of course we miss everyone terribly and can’t wait until we start to get some visitors but we’re doing just fine!


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