A week’s worth of things the boys (mostly Theo) say.

In response to hearing me tell Parker that I don’t know why his behavior has been the way it has lately, Theo said ” Now I’m the nice, sweet, boy in the family, huh?”

After seeing Josh and I kiss, Parker declared “This is seriously child abuse.”

While watching Ruby take a bath, Theo exclaimed ” WHAT?! She lost her penis?!” Even though she was born 6 months ago, apparently Theo just realized that Ruby is a girl.

At the ENT specialist, the Dr said that Theo didn’t have any nodules in his throat to which Theo replied, “Well that’s because I don’t even like nachos.”

“He ruined my whole life! I was going to try and live my whole life without getting a ticket!” – Josh HOURS after he got his first speeding ticket from an officer named Lasagna. He can not stop crying.

After explaining to him that girls don’t have penises, Theo asked what a girl’s private area is called. He replied to my answer with “Whew! I am glad I’m not a girl because that word scares me!”

Theo and I recently started saying bedtime prayers together. He learned Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep from a talking stuffed animal and wanted to start saying it at bedtime. Tonight, I listened carefully as he began and I noticed that he wasn’t saying the right words. I asked if he was saying now I lay me down to sleep and he laughed and said “No, the words are, Now I wee wee, Get to sleep.” It does not get any better than this kid.


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