Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

I have to admit. I’m not excited about this prompt. I truly don’t think I know enough about anything to educate someone. This is ironic because the entire reason I started blogging was to share all of the information I was learning about food. I’m really not so passionate about that anymore. I’ve also taught people about running and using coupons like a crazy person and cloth diapering, but I’m bored with all of that. So I guess, more fun for me, is to share some of the ridiculous trivia that my really good memory holds. Silly? Yes. Educational? Maybe not so much in the sense that you’ll use this information in your daily life, but you’re probably going to learn something from reading this.


The reason sticking up your middle finger means, F you, is because during Medieval times, battles were fought with bows and arrows. If you were caught by your enemy, they would cut your middle finger off since it was the one in which you pulled the string back on your bow. Often archers would stick up their middle finger to show that they were still going strong, giving the proverbial F U.

The word crepuscular means, pertaining to twilight. I have never once used this word in a sentence but in 10th grade my quirky bio 2 teacher said this word to our class and I’ve never forgotten it.

I learned a song in 3rd grade that helps you say the 50 states in alphabetical order. I’ll spare you, but I can still sing it almost 20 years later.

If you place a chicken’s head under it’s wing and spin it around in a windmill like shape, it will be paralyzed for hours. Seriously. I watched my uncle do this when I was little. Although, thinking about it now, I’m sure any creature would be paralyzed for hours if this were done to them.

The practice of saying “bless you” after a sneeze, comes from the times of the bubonic plague. A sneeze was the first sign of illness so saying bless you was a prayer for health.

Gene Wilder (AKA Willy Wonka) got his start in comedy when he was a little boy because his mother was chronically ill and her doctor told him the best thing he could do to make her feel better, was to make her laugh. I read this when I was little and thought it was one of the saddest and sweetest things I’d ever heard.

After writing the beginning of Carrie, Steven King threw the story in the trash thinking it was awful. His wife dug it out and pushed him to finish, resulting in his first novel ever published. I don’t know why I remember this.

Even though I’ve never been in the military, I can recite the phonetic alphabet. When I was 17, I helped Josh study it for something and I’ve never forgotten it.

Okay, enough. I don’t know why I remember trivial things but I have a whole knowledge of stuff like this stored. I hope you got a little laugh out of the stupidity of this education.


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