Day 5: Profess your love to a blogger friend

Josh likes to tease me about my “blog friends”. People from all over the country, whom I’ve never met in person, but feel a connection to and communicate with, through their blogs. He knows who these people are, as well as details about their lives, since I often talk to him about them as if they’re my friends in “real life”. Ha! Sounds cray cray, right? But it’s really not. Blogs are a new form of human interaction and they have become an extremely useful learning and sharing resource. Just like in personal relationships, after spending 3 years following these people’s lives, I feel “close” to them (I’m cringing as I try to explain this for anyone who isn’t a regular blog reader because I know it seriously sounds insane). These bloggers have gotten pregnant, had babies, moved across the country, started new businesses, etc. Things that I can relate too. I’ve literally laughed and cried and been overjoyed with excitement for these “friends” whom I’ve never even met. I seriously cherish these bloggers. But out of the 6 blogs that I read regularly, one means the most to me because of how much I’ve learned and felt from her words.

Caitlin Boyle writes Healthy Tipping Point, a healthy lifestyle blog where she covers everything from food, to triathlons, to breastfeeding, to current events, to self esteem and so on. She is hilarious and intelligent and humble and inspiring. She is extremely relatable because she is extremely honest. She shares the good, the bad, the ugly and everything else and then she openly discusses it in her comments. I originally started reading her blog because of the food and exercise posts but coincidentally, she became pregnant at the same time I became pregnant with Ruby. It was so much fun to follow her through her pregnancy as I was going through mine and have similar goals and interests during that time (running and staying fit, eating healthy, fighting body image issues, etc.). It was also nice to have someone to relate to when we suffered the exact same problems with breastfeeding, sleep training, postpartum fitness, and on and on. But really, these are just the things that make it fun for me to read her blog. Our current common ground. What makes me “love” her, like this prompt is suggesting I profess, is her seemingly complete self awareness. I have never read or met anyone who “gets” life more than she does. I have had more “aha moments” from reading her posts than I’ve gotten from a lot of my personal relationships. The reaction that I have to reading Caitlin’s blog is probably why she has been so successful with “Operation Beautiful“, an accidental movement that Caitlin started one day when she was feeling particularly down and decided to write a nice message on a post it note and leave it on a public bathroom mirror. She took a picture of the note and posted it and it took off after that. Women all over the country started passing it forward and now Caitlin has written two books and juggles a busy and successful speaking career for Operation Beautiful. Basically, she is the epitome of girl power. 🙂 She has had some horrible times throughout her life while struggling with different mental disorders and yet she’s made it through and is now a role model for young women all over the country.

If you’ve never read Caitlin’s blog or anything about Operation Beautiful, I understand if you think this all sounds a little cheesy. Post it notes with phrases like, “You are perfect just the way you are”, and “You’re beautiful!”, sounds, perhaps, a little annoying. But thinking about how much something as simple as reading kind words in a public place means to a lot of women, is amazing. 2 different girls have contacted Caitlin since she started the entire thing, to thank her because they were ready to end their lives on the day they randomly came across an Operation Beautiful note. Random acts of kindness at their pinnacle.

Recently, Caitlin announced that she will only be blogging about a fifth of what she was up until two weeks ago. I seriously was a little sad. I have been reading her 3 posts a day, everyday, for the past 18 months so hearing that she’s cutting back to 3 times a week is like hearing that your friend can’t hang out anymore. Ha! Oh my word, this prompt has made me feel like such a creeper. Anyway, Caitlin is awesome and Healthy Tipping Point is a great resource if you’re interested in healthy living.


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