Day 6: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

Monday through Friday, I do things like:

  • make breakfasts
  • pack lunches
  • make beds
  • change diapers
  • choose outfits
  • spend 45 minutes in the car playing chauffeur
  • plan meals
  • make lists
  • go grocery shopping
  • take the dog out
  • put away the groceries
  • clean bathrooms
  • budget our bank accounts
  • pay bills
  • make lunches
  • do laundry
  • put away laundry
  • sweep floors
  • steam floors
  • vacuum floors
  • play board games, puzzles, do crafts or cook with a 5 year old
  • take 3,756 pictures and 1,421 videos of 3 adorable kids
  • wipe counters, wash windows, generally tidy up
  • practice reading or writing or “homework” with a 5 year old
  • follow behind a 1 year old as she explores the house while subsequently stopping her from pulling things down, ripping things, breaking things, etc.
  • go to the playground
  • pick up a 2nd grader from school
  • chauffeur a husband home from his commute
  • check/help a 2nd grader with his homework
  • make dinner
  • clean up dinner
  • find baseball uniforms and equipment that always seems to be missing and can only be found by a mom
  • watch and cheer for really cute kids playing a little league game
  • make sure 3 kids get baths/showers and changed into pajamas
  • brush teeth
  • say crazy, silly bedtime prayers
  • hug, kiss, squeeze, bite (yes, cheeks are bitten at bedtime) and generally love on 3 sweet, sleepy kids
  • relax

Other things I do on any given day could also include, scheduling appointments, taking kids to doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, caring for sick children, organizing, decluttering or decorating a house, party planning, holiday prepping, vacation planning and scheduling, packing or unpacking boxes, and so on.


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