Day 12: What do you miss?

I think this question would elicit a major guffaw from most military spouses. Though our family has been incredibly lucky to have only experienced a few months of missing our Coastie, we are basically in a constant state of missing something. Though some have been better than others, there is something from every place we’ve called home, that I miss.

Long Island, NY

listing_photo_0_9707289Besides the absolute beauty, I miss the feeling of adventure that I had when we lived here. It was our first move away from home. Living completely on our own, by the beach, in a suburb of NYC, felt so grown up (even though we were b.r.o.k.e.). Of course, every time we move somewhere new there is a sense of adventure, but it’s not like that first time.

Santa Rosa, CA


*Obviously this is not Santa Rosa, but one of the perks of living there was our proximity to San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Josh Kistler (budding photographer).

 California. I loved it there. I begged Josh to go on a boat so we could stay there. I would gladly go back if we hadn’t promised our boys that we will do everything we can to stay on the east coast. Specifically, I miss the weather, the environment (where else can you go to the beach, the mountains, the (red wood) forrest, the city and the (wine) countryside all within 3 hours of driving?), the food, the culture, and so on.

Cape May, NJ


Oh, beautiful Cape May. There is not one single thing that I don’t miss. Cape May became my home. There will always be a part of my heart left in that perfect, little town.











I miss the beach, the town, my runs and races through all of it, our summertime bike rides, movies on the beach, the shark tournament, Dry Dock, nature center camp, the Lima Bean festival, fire pits, Coast Guard day, the playground in front of our house, our view of the harbor, the school and school functions every other week, the Halloween parade and scarecrow alley and trick or treating on the shops, Thanksgiving supper at the school, the West Cape May Christmas parade, Harborview Friday nights, the community, restaurant week, seeing someone you know everywhere you go, wawa, the library art classes, the TRACEN gym, Cappy’s, not pumping gas, my boys being babies, living by some of the best friends we’ve made, and on and on and on. It’s like Cape May was my first love – I don’t know if I’ll ever feel this way about anywhere again.

Pearland, TX


There’s really not too much I miss about living in Texas. At all. Mexican food, having a back yard to let my dog out, cheap gas, and being able to wear shorts and play outside in January. That’s all.

Columbiana, OH


I’ve been missing home quite a bit lately. I miss the perfect seasons. I miss firestone pool summers. The 4th of July, Doc Pritchard’s calliope, legion burgers, the street fair, the Canfield fair, seeing half of your graduating class at the football game on street fair Friday night, the feeling of driving through the circle the first night the Christmas lights turn on, snow on Christmas morning, sledding the hill at the pool, The Clarks concerts, Pirates games, spending every single holiday with friends and family, Steamers and Cafe Capri, the Clipper clap, the parades and festivals, people calling Josh ‘Beef ‘, having people around whom we know and trust to help care for our kids, Handel’s, farms, inexpensive everything, kind and polite people, Dutch Haus donuts and no bakes, and on and on and on.







I miss having our friends around us.







I’m always missing family.


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