Day 13: Issue a public apology

Dear person whom was our waiter at the Cactus Cantina in Washington DC, circa June 2006,

I am sorry that you had to clean up my kid’s turd. I really feel awful that I left it for you. You see, I had no idea that he had poo’d until we were getting up to leave. When I picked him up, though there was no poo anywhere else on his body, there was  one single turd left in the high chair. It’s really so crazy because he had never before, nor has he after, been able to pull off such a feat. Anyway, I panicked and didn’t know what to do. Looking back now, I realize that I should have swallowed my pride and cleaned up the mess, but at the time, I was too humiliated. I thought about cleaning it up but what would I do with it then? Carry it all the way to the bathroom? Risk having another patron see the turd? I mean, the tables are extremely close to each other on the patio and the bathroom is a far walk. Regardless, I’m sorry that you had to find it. I would have been horrified to see such a thing, had it not been my own child’s. I can’t imagine the trauma that you experienced but I hope you can find it in your heart to laugh a little about it now and forgive me. I also hope I left a big tip.


Morgan – the mom of the little blonde boy you thought was so adorable…



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