Day 20: There’s no better place to live than the city, on a rainy day.

*Forgive these yellow photos. New York is filled with bad lighting. 

Yesterday we woke up to rain. It rained and rained and rained some more. We got the message that Parker’s rained out make up game was once again rained out. Ruby was so cozy in her warm bed that the rain outside encouraged her to sleep in until 10:50.

Yes, you read that right. My 14 month old, sleep loving baby slept until 10:50 in the morning.

Needless to say, we weren’t too concerned with her getting in a nap and with the baseball game cancelled our entire day was open so we decided to go to the Museum of Natural History. Exploring a museum sounded like the best way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

We all got ready and headed out to catch the 1:00 ferry. As a bonus, we discovered that parking in the munimeter lot is free on Sundays. We headed into the terminal, stopped for a few slices of pizza and boarded the ferry. We docked in Manhattan and hopped straight on the 1 train taking it all the way up to 79th street. We walked about 3 blocks in the rain (which was actually really fun) and arrived at the museum, like most others, soaking wet.



Ruby loves people watching and was waving and telling every person she saw, “hi!”


This was probably my 6th or 7th time at the Museum of Natural History and the boys have both been there before too, but there is so much to see and do that every visit is a little different than the last. In fact, none of us had ever explored the earth and space museum which just happened to be the side of the building we entered. Josh got in line to get our tickets, which are completely free for military! Actually, they’re completely free for everyone – the general admission cost is a suggested donation, they just don’t advertise that fact very loudly – but had the clerk not said, “oh, our military discount is complimentary!” we would have made a donation.




I love Mars

We went on to check out the earth and space section and then moved up to the hall of North American mammals. Next was the Hall of biodiversity and a quick peak in the Milstein Hall to see the blue whale. Parker was totally creeped out to learn that angler fish reside, not just in the ocean, but also in bodies of fresh water.



It took us an hour and a half to get through the first floor and the boys were already getting tired and hungry. Before even thinking of leaving though, we had to go see DUMB-DUMB. Ever since the movie Night at the Museum was released, there is no cooler exhibit than the Easter Island head. As a matter of fact, as our 5 and 7 year old boys were excitedly walking to the statue, a group of french speaking teenage girls turned the corner and squealed, “DUMB-DUMB!” and took off running towards it. We took the same picture that we already have two other copies of and decided to call it a day.



I didn’t get any pretty outdoor photos because of the rain

On our way out, Parker held the door for a man who told him, “gracias” to which Parker quietly replied, “de nada” and then waited until we walked away to ask me why so many people speak different languages in the city. The sweetest boy.

When we walked outside, it was still raining so we hopped back onto the subway and rode to Times Square. Every time we go to Manhattan we sternly warn the boys that, “We are NOT going into Times Square” and yet every single time, we find ourselves in Times Square. The boys love it there. We grabbed some overpriced dinner (Josh and I decided that everything is inflated 20% in Times Square alone) and got back on the subway for our ride all the way down to South Ferry. We somehow timed everything perfectly and got a train as soon as we got to the platform and continued on to the 6:30 ferry as soon as we arrived at the terminal. A perfect end to a great day.


All of that people watching wore Ruby out 






A very foggy and rainy view of Lady Liberty

I need to to note something that Josh and I have realized the past few times we’ve gone in to the city (just for memory’s sake). Theo was born to be a city kid. When he and I used to drive into Houston to go grocery shopping, every time we’d get to a certain point of the inner loop where the skyline view was perfect, he’d tell me that he wished we lived in the city. I laughed because I thought he just liked the idea of living in a tall building, but now I realize that he loves the entire culture of city life. As I watch our wild, hyper, talkative boy become subdued and quiet as he takes in everything there is every single time we step off of that ferry, I can see that he truly loves the city. Josh joked today that the stimulation counteracts his ADHD (he doesn’t really have any disorder), but I think it’s just that he is purely happy in that environment. It’s adorable. And I’m so happy we get to give our children these types of experiences.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.14.50 PM

Theo owning the streets of New York City


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