Day 21: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Oh man, this blog every day thing is getting tough. I’m getting a little sick of following the prompts but looking back on my old posts was fun. There’s a lot here that I’m really happy I recorded and a lot here that makes me realize how much I’ve grown as a person. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Ruby’s birth story.

The story behind my epidural free, gender surprise, last baby’s birth.


2. A love letter to my big boy.

A letter to my first baby.


3. The truth about breastfeeding.

A timeline of my struggles with breastfeeding the final time around. We ended up making it just over 6 months.

4. You’re my best friend.

My explanation of my friendship with my husband.

5. Sweet Summertime.

How our family deals with summer break.


6. My definition of family.

My take on the pettiness with the status of the American family.

7. A day in the life of a domestic engineer. Er, uh. A housewife.

A look back on a regular day in my life.

8. I can sleep when I’m dead.

Dealing with Theo’s sleeping issues.


9. Running while pregnant.

A struggle and then a success with fitness during pregnancy.


10. Almost vegan oatmeal raisin butterscotch cookies.

A random, throw together cookie recipe.



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