Day 24: 3 worst traits

I thought it would be interesting to ask Josh his opinion on my worst traits since he knows me better than anyone on the planet (and probably sees me a little clearer than I see myself), and then address his assessment. Plus it’s just so much easier to ask someone else to do the dirty work so, without further ado, here’s what he thinks:

1. “You don’t give things a chance – If you’re not good at something right away, you quit immediately and say it’s stupid. You don’t give people a chance. You judge people quickly and then it takes a long time for you to trust them. People have to grow on you. You don’t let people in. It’s like you have to earn Morgan’s friendship.”

2. “You’re quick to get annoyed. You’re getting a lot better but you still get annoyed easily.”

3. “You lack confidence. You never think you’re good enough. Whether it’s how you look, how your running is going, how you decorate our house, etc. Things about yourself personally, you lack confidence in.”

*Just for fun, I asked Parker the question and he said, “I’m sorry mom but I really can’t think of one bad thing about you.” Sweet boy. Let’s see if he says the same thing in 10 years 🙂

So about what Josh said:

1. He’s right. But I don’t know if I’d say it’s that I don’t give things a chance. It’s more like I get over things quickly. And I know what I’m good at and what I’m not. I also know what’s worth continuing on with and what’s not. Josh’s biggest pet peeve is that I constantly start watching television series with him, he gets hooked, I get hooked for 2 months, and then I get bored and don’t want to continue watching it. But I gave it a chance – I just got over it quickly. What can I say, I have high standards for how I spend my time 🙂 He’s also right about me not giving people a chance. I think it’s fun and interesting to observe people pretty intensely when I first meet them and this often leads to me making a quick judgement on that person. A lot of the time, people annoy me (he’s right on with number 2) and they absolutely have to grow on me. It takes a while. But while I’m admitting this, I have to add that neither myself, nor Josh, can think of one single person whom I originally disliked but then ended up liking after I gave them more of a chance. I think that says something about my ability to read people. All in all, I guess I’m just not a people person.

#2. Like I already said, Josh is right. I think I mostly get annoyed with stupidity. And by stupidity I mean:

  • inefficiency
  • things not done the way I believe they should be done (because my way is the best way, of course)
  • laziness and untidiness
  • lack of ambition
  • knowing something effects your life negatively but choosing to continue on with that negativity (relationships, work, health choices, etc.)
  • complaining about that negativity that you choose to continue on with
  • not taking responsibility for your actions/creating excuses

and on and on. I could literally write an entire post about what annoys me, but I’ll spare you. I know this is terrible. I’m completely intolerant and it’s not a good thing. I’m working on it. I think it stems from the high standards my mom held me to when I was little (I was hand washing dishes when I was 8 – she did not play around), my slight ego and the expectations that I hold myself to now. Hopefully Josh is also right when saying that I’m getting better.

#3. Oh, my lack of confidence. It’s so strange because certain things I have no issues with. I believe I’m a good mom, a good wife, a good person, etc. and I don’t care to prove anything to anyone when it comes to these things. But he’s right. It’s the silly things that get me. I never think I look my best. I never think I run my best. I never think our house looks nice enough. It just all boils down to the fact that I’m cray – cray. Plain and simple. 😉 I think if this list continued on to the top 10 worst traits, all of the following would stem from my lack of confidence.

Overall, I agree with everything Josh said about me but I’m not sure if I think all of these are in my top three. 

Well this post was fun (not fun)! I hope my self perception is somewhat clear and I’m not just delusional about my own personality. When I was 15 someone pointed out something about my behavior that really opened my eyes to accepting criticism. So hopefully, over the years I’ve gotten better at looking at my worst traits and trying to improve myself. Although I have to say, I do like Parker’s assessment of me 🙂

One thought on “Day 24: 3 worst traits

  1. ha ha … I thought about asking my husband but decided I might be hurt if he didn’t think the same as me and pick 3 completely different things. Getting annoyed easily… this could have easily been MY #3 and Im surprised I didn’t think of it. stopping by from the link up.

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