Weekend Recap

Friday morning we woke up early and left for a weekend at the Jersey Shore. Josh’s former chief was commissioning Warrant Officer and he had asked Josh to give his first salute. We decided since we were making the trip down, we may as well stay the weekend and enjoy ourselves a bit. But unfortunately our plans didn’t work out the way we had hoped.

During our drive down, I realized that Ruby was not going to make it through the ceremony. She’s recently started screaming at the top of her lungs anytime she doesn’t want to sit and I knew it wasn’t the kind of event where I could let her walk around. I was a little bummed because it was a really special occasion and we had a few friends who were being promoted during it but Josh and I agreed that it was best if the kids and I skipped it. Instead, we went to Cappy’s and had a slice of our favorite pizza on the planet and visited a friend who was working there.


We met Josh after the ceremony so he could take Theo and Ruby while Parker and I went into his old school to visit his teachers and friends. It’s so nice to be able to do this. After, Parker and I went back and met up with everyone else who was the Harborview, a little restaurant/bar on base. This is where a sort of reception was being held for everyone who had been commissioned that day. We ate, drank and played.




The friend we were staying with had scheduled a babysitter so that we could take the kids back when they were tired and then return to the party. We took the big kids back at 5 so they could order pizza (yes, our boys had pizza for lunch and dinner. parenting fail but they thought it was awesome), play the Wii and get ready for bed. I waited until 6:30 to take Ruby back because I’m still not comfortable leaving her with a babysitter and felt better that she would just be sleeping the entire time I was gone (the whole .25 miles down the road). After a day with no nap, she was more than ready for bed. Josh and I returned to the Harborview and spent the rest of the night drinking, talking and laughing with friends. We ended the night at some friends’ house singing karaoke on the Wii where I lived out my childhood dream of being Leann Rimes.

5:30 am came quickly and though we hadn’t had a super late night, 6 hours of sleep is just not enough for me. Theo was of course the one who started the chain reaction of every single kid in the house rising early and by 7 every person in the house had woken up. Josh had a little too much fun the night before so he went back to bed while the rest of us walked around the neighborhood wide yard sale and shopped a little. During this time, it became apparent to me that a beach day (as I had planned) was not going to happen since Ruby refused to nap and Theo couldn’t stop melting down. I decided to cut the trip short and head home after lunch. At about 10:30 Josh got up and started his day and we all decided that Key West Tacos sounded like perfection.  We packed up, had one last meal with friends and were on the road by 1. The drive from Cape May to Staten Island is ridiculously easy and only takes just over 2 hours so we decided to head back down in 3 weeks for our make up beach day.

After a good night’s sleep, we decided that we didn’t want to waste Sunday’s beautiful weather laying around the house so we packed up a picnic and went on a hike to High Rock Park.



It’s definitely the summer of cicadas and they were screaming all around us. The boys and I tried to keep count of how many shells we saw but after 3 minutes we were already at 45 so we scrapped that plan.




Even though there were trees marked with the trail signs, we ended up getting lost in the woods and having a blast. Nobody complained, nobody cried, nobody argued. We just walked and climbed and checked out Staten Island nature.





Can you even believe this place is right in the middle of Staten Island?










We finally made it back to the original trail and headed home. We’re all still a little tired from an off weekend but we have two days to rest before our next visitor arrives!


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