Sundog Theater dance performance and a blonde boy in the city

Right around the time we moved here, Parker’s school procured a $10,000 grant for their arts program. They used this money to bring in Sundog Theater Company for twice weekly dance classes. The kids were taught multicultural dances and got to show us their moves this week.

There are a lot of things about living in New York that make me want to cross the bridge and take 80 all the way back to the hills of Amish country that mark we’re almost home. But seeing our kids experience some of the opportunities that they have because we live here makes me think again. Growing up in little old Columbiana, Ohio didn’t provide Josh and I with much exposure to other cultures. The closest we came to diversity was the one family who owned our town’s single Chinese restaurant and my black step dad, so watching Parker interact with kids named Xi, Auti, Sayah and Vincenzo is exciting. Being able to take dance classes and drama and foreign language courses in elementary school is something that Josh and I never got to experience so I really appreciate that our kids do.




Another unique experience we’re having, due to living in one of the biggest cities in the world, is being the minority. Parker is the one and only person with blue eyes in his entire class of 27 students. We have been stopped at restaurants, doctors offices, and parks so that people can marvel at how “beautiful and American” our family looks. I was told by a native Staten Islander that my lack of a New York accent was so nice to hear. It really cracks me up.

Before we moved here, I talked to several people whom had either lived here before or are currently living here, looking for advice on whether it was a place I’d want to call home. They all told me the exact same thing. “Living in New York is a once in a lifetime experience.” and after only 3 months, I couldn’t agree more. New York is not somewhere that I’d want to stay past our billet but I know the next 2 or 3 years will go down as some of the most unique and memorable years of our lives.


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