Girls who wear pink are cute

The conversation that I had with the boys on our walk home from school today was hysterical. It all started because I wore a pink shirt.

Parker: “Mom, I like your pink shirt. Why don’t you wear pink more often?”

Me: “Well Parker, I’m not much of a pink girl.”

Theo: “When dad sees you he’s going to think you’re a cute girl!”

Me: “Doesn’t dad always think I’m a cute girl?”

Theo: “Yeah but your pink shirt is going to make him like, really like you. Like, a crush!”

Me: “Doesn’t dad always have a crush on me?”

Theo: “Well, yeah. But I can’t explain it.”

Me: “So you think girls who wear pink shirts are cute?”

Theo: “No!!!”

Me: “Well why do you think daddy will like my pink shirt if you don’t think girls who wear them are cute?”

Theo: “Because daddy is a girl’s man!”

Parker: “Well you’re a mom’s man.”

Theo: “Yeah, Park. You’re right.”

The shirt.



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