My boy Theo

I was planning on writing an update about Theo’s sleep issues but I decided just to write an entire update on him. He is such a character and while he has his moments, he’s kind of the leader of this family.


Personality: Theo’s personality is a little hard to describe. I can hear exactly what Josh would say if someone asked him what Theo is like. “Theo is…Theo.” Our aunt came to visit last weekend and while watching his tee ball game, she said, “He really dances to the beat of his own drum.” And she’s right. His best quality is that he doesn’t care about anything. He does what makes him happy and couldn’t care less if other people think it’s strange. He wears superhero costumes to the playground, rain boots in 90 degree weather to the grocery store and Power Ranger masks to Parker’s school and he doesn’t even notice when other kids laugh at him because of it. He dances on first base and gets so caught up in the music in his head that he doesn’t notice when another kid throws the ball to him. He is loud (which we’re working on changing), ridiculously active (and ridiculously sweaty), and very caring. He talks nonstop and isn’t shy at all. When we left Texas, his teacher emailed me to compliment me on “the great job that you and your husband are doing with raising such a sweet, well mannered boy.” She also said that he was the leader of the class and would be missed by everyone. His imagination is awesome. He’s a story teller and can entertain himself for hours. He’s the jokester of the family but hasn’t quite figured out the difference between lying and “tricking”. He is as charming as a little guy can possibly be. He is very tender hearted and gets sad easily. He is still his brother’s best friend and can make Parker laugh harder than anyone else can. Actually, he makes all of us laugh harder than anyone else can.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.12.23 PM

Behavior: Theo is definitely the defiant one of the family but it’s just in his nature. He can easily tune out what someone is saying to him if he decides that he doesn’t want to hear it, so I often have to make him look me in the eye or repeat what I said to make sure he’s processing it. While Parker is always in his own little world, Theo is very present and always seems to know what’s going on in the adult conversation around him. He wants an explanation for everything and doesn’t settle for “because I said so!” Thankfully, he hasn’t learned any “bad words” yet. Sometimes he scares me and says things like, “Mom! Parker just said the F word.” But then goes on to tell me that the “F word” is freak. He uses “potty talk” (a phrase that he came up with) WAY too much. It is so frustrating to constantly hear him saying disgusting things, but we’re working on it. He recently went through a phase where he was always talking like a baby. I don’t know if this was some behavior due to having Ruby but it was driving me nuts, so we made a chart together that read “Theo is a big kid so he will not talk like a baby” and hung it on the refrigerator. Every time he talked like a baby he got a check mark and once he got 10 marks, he lost the Wii for a day. My thing has always been, if you want big kid privileges (playing the Wii) then you behave like a big kid. Reversely, once he went three days without using any baby talk, we could take the chart down and throw it away. It took one week to break that habit.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.15.21 PM

What He’s Eating: Everything. Goodness does this kid eat. But 99% of what he eats is healthy. I will save approximately $20 every shopping trip once he’s in school and no longer comes with me because I won’t be giving in to his impulse buys. I can’t bring myself to tell him no because he doesn’t ask for cookies or chips, he asks for red and green apples, or yellow peppers, or not just strawberries but strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. He is a big time snacker and I’m kind of worried about how he’ll fare in full day school this fall. He eats breakfast as soon as he gets up and then about an hour after it’s, “Mom, can I have a banana? Mom, can I have yogurt? Mom, can I have a babybel? Mom, can we make granola bars? just about every 30 minutes on the minute until around noon. His snacks are always fruits or veggies (mostly fruits), nuts, dried fruit, cheese (his favorite) or yogurt. He hates pretzels because he’s not a fan of salt but loves “rocket ship crackers” (cheese crackers). Because he just picks all day, he almost doesn’t even eat real meals until dinner. As for dinner, thankfully, he’s now at the point that if we have something that he doesn’t like, he may complain a little but usually eats it all with no problem.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.14.52 PM

Sleep: So after hearing a lot of feedback from the post about his sleep problems, I scheduled an appointment with a third doctor. I had completely forgotten that Theo had gone to an ENT specialist about his allergies while we were in Texas and they concluded that everything with his tonsils/adenoids were totally fine but after Josh reminded me, I still wanted to talk to our new doctor about everything. After checking him out he said that everything was normal. He said, just as our other doctors have said, that some kids just aren’t sleepers and it’s something we’re just going to have to deal with. Similar to what many people said about the bedwetting, the dr said that Theo is probably just so tired that he enters into a deep sleep and doesn’t know when he needs to go to the bathroom. When we told him of our concern over the fact that he had stopped wetting the bed for two months but then randomly started again, he said that is also normal. He referred us to a urologist but it’s completely just a precautionary thing. In the meantime, Theo’s sleep patterns continue but for the past two weeks he has only wet his pull up a handful of times.

Current Favorites: Baseball is not one of them. He is tired of tee ball and though he looks like he’s having a blast every time he plays, he now tries to get out of going to his games and has been telling us that he is not playing again next year. I think the sport is just too slow for him. I also think that if Theo plays sports when he’s older he’ll probably do something individual like swimming or running. He doesn’t seem to have a competitive bone in his body. I guess that’s just a part of his laid back style. 😉 His favorite music is the Spiderman on Broadway soundtrack (which makes my ears bleed after listening to it for 2 years). He is also a big fan of top 40 hits and loves the song “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake (just not when I sing it). I’ve tried to convince him that it’s cool that he loves JT since I did too when I was younger but he doesn’t seem to think so. Dark green is his favorite color and he begs us to paint his room it (NO). He is obsessed with bugs and is always trying to bring a “pet” into our house. He loves art and spends a lot of his time painting. His favorite tv show is Henry Hugglemonster which chronicles the life of a 5 year old monster who just so happens to have one older brother and one younger sister.


Recent Theoisms: This kid says so many hysterical things that I’ve started writing them down so I don’t forget.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp! Ahhhhhhhh! He was drinking breast milk!” Theo’s explanation of why his Silver Surfer action figure screamed and threw Ruby’s baby doll bottle.

“I’ve made a decision. When I grow up I want to be a lifeguard and a hiker. I’m going to climb Mount Neverest because it is the tallest mountain in the world and my head will touch space.”

“Mom, that is a nasty thing to say!” His response to me telling him to “shut it” in reference to the mailbox door.

He often changes words into other words (on purpose) but uses them the way the original word was meant to be used. For example, “I wonderwoman where that bird is going?” Or “I OneDirection where that bird is going?” rather than I wonder where that bird is going. Or “Oh, Man-naise!” Or “Oh, Man-hattan!” rather than Oh, man.

A Story I Always Remember From His Birth: Theo was born at 4:27 in the morning so by that night, a new shift of nurses had begun to come in. After they had all met baby Theo for the first time, one of the nurses came in to my room to tell me that all of the nurses were in the nursery drooling over him. She said that since they see so many babies every day, they had kind of become calloused to baby cuteness but they all agreed that Theo was one of the most gorgeous babies that they had ever seen. Though I’m a little biased, I have to agree.


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