The Brooklyn flea market

Brooklyn is gorgeous. I wish we would have homeschooled and lived there.


Theo’s baseball game was cancelled so we spent our day there at the flea market.


It’s awesome how much the boys love flea markets. It’s like junk heaven to them.


This was by far, the best flea market we’ve ever been to.


Theo fell in love with about 6,347 things. Like this bug collection that cost $6,347 (not really but there were lots of expensive things here).


Like this furniture. I wanted a lot of it.


But we settled on trying a lot of food instead. This was from Asia Dog. Organic 100% beef hotdogs, one with kimchi and nori flakes and one with asian slaw, toasted sesame seeds and scallions. The one on the left was the best but the kimchi was not very spicy.


We also tried macho pollo tacos. I’m not a fan of corn tortillas but these were delicious.


Of course some ice cream with sprinkles.


And a lemongrass and lime Brooklyn soda.


And then we did a little shopping. Each boy got $5 and could choose whatever they wanted. Theo chose a rusty horseshoe for his nature room.


And Parker chose a ring. To be like Sonic, of course. The vendor lady told me that my kids were awesome and super polite. I loved that, because they are.


All the while, Ruby ate an artisan grilled cheese, pointed out every single dog and baby that she saw and ended up a sweaty mess.


Brooklyn is a really cool place and I can’t wait to go back.


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