Just a great day.

Yesterday morning we woke up and decided, spur of the moment, to drive out to Long Island and check out where we used to live. The weather was a little yucky but we didn’t let the rain stop us. We left the house by 9am and took the beautiful Ocean Parkway all the way to Fire Island. We only lived there for a month (the weekend after we moved in, Josh got orders to California) but it’s the first place Josh was stationed in the Coast Guard and it’s also where we brought Theo home to from the hospital. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m actually pretty disappointed that we didn’t choose to live there this time around. The gates to our old house were closed so we could only show the boys from the road and it was too rainy to get out and walk the beach but it was still fun to drive down memory lane.

We continued on to the Sunrise Highway and took it all the way to Westhampton Beach. Our first home away from home. When Josh graduated bootcamp he received orders to Station Fire Island but they didn’t have any housing available so we opted to live about 50 miles away in the next closest CG community. Westhampton Beach was where my life as a Coastie wife started. I have a lot of great memories there but it was also a very hard time in our lives. Josh worked a lot, and he worked far away, and we were completely broke. I was by myself most of the time, along with Parker who was two, while pregnant with Theo and living eight hours away from home for the first time in my life. But it was a stepping stone to where we are now and I was excited to go back and see it from a different perspective. We showed the boys our old house, took them through the town and showed them the beach. It was a quick trip but before we left we made sure to stop at our old favorite deli to grab lunch. It alone, was worth the drive.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 10.09.14 PM



IMG_4834Next we were back on the road for what ended up being a crazy, hectic drive (and by crazy, hectic, I mean kids were screaming, Josh was screaming and I continued to mutter “Just go home. Just take us home.”) back into the city. Today was the day that Parker was to attend the MLB All Star Fan Fest baseball camp.





Though we left with plenty of time, we forgot to take in to account the fact that it would take us a while to find parking in Manhattan. Once we made it to the Javits Center, Josh dropped Parker and I off while he and the other two went to park. Parker and I went in, met up with our group and headed in. About 30 minutes (and $40) later, Josh, Theo and Ruby were able to meet up with us inside Fan Fest and we all watched Parker play in a USO military kids tee ball game right in the center of Fan Fest. It wasn’t what we were expecting but it was a blast.




Notice that the kid on the left is Parker. So sweet.



Even though this picture is a blur, I love it because you can still see his little smile.





All of the Coastie kids in attendance.

Next it was on to enjoy the All Star game Fan Fest. It was such a great time and we ended up staying for 4 hours!


My boys under our team flag.



Baseball grub for dinner.



Posing with this year’s World Series trophy!


For Aunt Dawn (this will have to do since ARod was missing).



“The world’s biggest baseball!”


At this point they wanted to pose with everything.




Theo threw 16mph, Parker threw 35mph and Josh threw 57mph – and now he can’t lift his arm. That 30th birthday is creeping…

We stayed until the announcers boomed over the loud speaker that the doors would be closing in 10 minutes. The boys were so bummed that today was the only day for Fan Fest and also that the All Star game wouldn’t be here again next year so we’ve already made plans for next season. At the end of the night we were all beat but we had so much that it was totally worth it. Thanks to the USO for hosting us!


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