A quick little recipe idea.

A while ago, I read about another blogger making cheesy rice balls for her babies. Not the delicious cheese filled Italian ones but a healthier version to allow the babies the ability to actually eat rice on their own before they begin using utensils. While I was grocery shopping last week, I noticed a rice blend at Trader Joe’s (brown rice, black barley and daikon seeds) and it reminded me of the easy little idea so I grabbed a bag, came home and threw half of it in the rice cooker. 25 minutes later the rice was done and I was on to the next step.

Straight out of the rice cooker, so it was still super hot, I mixed in shredded carrots and a about a cup of cheddar cheese. The cheese melted and I formed the mixture into little balls about the size of Ruby’s little palm. Perfect baby size! I placed them all on a plate and allowed them to chill overnight in the refrigerator. The next day she tried a couple for lunch and loved it! I had one too – they were delicious. The next time I make them, the only thing I will do differently is use a green veggie like chopped kale or spinach rather than carrots (I used carrots this time because I had some shredded on hand that needed to be used). As usual, I just eyeballed everything which is why I’m calling this a “recipe idea.” Enjoy!







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