Sunday Funday!

We woke up yesterday morning and I immediately checked my phone to see if we could head to the beach. Unfortunately, every beach within an hour drive was supposed to have stormy weather throughout the day so we needed a plan B. I’ve been feeling really bad for the boys because we’ve had a pretty boring summer so far. For practically their entire lives they’ve spent their summers in our front yard playing, on the playground with tons of friends, or at the beach or pool but that’s just not how things are here in Staten Island. I asked them what they’d like to do and they both agreed they wanted to go back to Liberty Science Center to show Josh around the museum. Josh thought it was a great idea too, so we decided to first head to Hoboken for lunch and then take the kids to the science center for the second time this week.

Sadly, Hoboken was a bust after we drove around for 45 minutes trying to find parking to no avail. We didn’t want to pay a $20 lot fee just for lunch so we found a quick meal elsewhere and headed to the museum.  Once again it was a lot of fun. Since Josh was there to help out this time, we let Ruby run around and check everything out too. The boys got to explore a few exhibits that they didn’t have the chance to see last time and they also got Josh to go through the touch tunnel with them (a pitch black tunnel that you have to crawl and find your way through using only your sense of touch). It was pretty funny to watch them on the night vision camera.









IMG_5253After over two hours at the science center we headed to Liberty Park to walk by the river and let the kids play at the ginormous playground. The views were amazing!











IMG_5290It ended up being such a great day even though some of our plans didn’t work out. But here’s to hoping next weekend brings us some beach weather!


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