Anthony Weiner is a weiner.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with this title and I know I’m not the first to think it. But seriously. What a dirt bag. Warning – if you haven’t noticed this is not a parenting post. It is not a pretty picture what we did last weekend post. This is a rare, venting, my take on politics post. You’ve been warned.

In case you don’t follow politics, Anthony Weiner is currently vying to become NYC’s next mayor. But whether you follow politics or not, I’m sure the name sounds familiar. Remember in 2011 when some idiot, married politician whom most Americans had probably never even heard of, was caught up in a sexting scandal that led him to resign from Congress? Yeah, that’s Weiner. First, let me just get out all of my giggles from the irony of this man’s name (It has been done – I know. But will it ever not be done after his indiscretions?). Next let’s all giggle over the fact that Bill Clinton is the person whom Weiner and his wife chose to officiate their wedding. Wasn’t there someone, anyone, who said, “Eh. Maybe having one of the most notorious American cheaters marry you is a bad idea.” An omen at least? But then again, the woman who married Anthony Weiner is a long time top aide to Hillary Clinton so maybe she knew what she was getting into. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Hillary but the Clintons are just not the people I’d chose to bestow upon the honor of leading the beginning of my marriage. But back on point, this sexting scandal included Weiner sending several sexually explicit messages and photos of himself to several different women via text messages and Twitter and then lying about it once it was uncovered. Actually, in one interview when he was asked if a photo of a man’s bulging underwear was, in fact, him, he replied with, “I wish.” And then that he couldn’t say with “certitude.” Seriously. I mean, I guess it could be confusing as to whether or not you took a photo of your junk and it’s especially hard to identify said junk. Anyway, he eventually claimed the photos, admitted to his wrong doings and resigned from Congress all while his beautiful, intelligent, newly wed wife sat gestating his first born son.

So what does this all have to do with politics? Well before I was married I thought the same thing. I can remember back to the good old Monica Lewinsky scandal thinking, so what? Infidelity is something that should be handled by the couple going through it. Infidelity is something that has nothing to do with one’s ability to hold public office (or any position for that matter) and I couldn’t believe that Clinton could be impeached for something so silly. But now I’m older, wiser, and married and I totally get the correlation. If Anthony Weiner can not even respect the value of keeping the most sacred promise that a person makes, to a partner that he chose to stand by, then how in the hell can the people of NYC believe that he will keep his promise to people that he doesn’t have to directly answer to? He has proven over and over, and recently over (more pictures continue to surface dating as early as last August – a full year after he lost his seat in Congress over his shenanigans) that he is disgustingly untrustworthy. Keep in mind that what I’m talking about here has only to do with his personal life. His politics haven’t been clean either.

The other issue with electing Weiner to office is the fact that by doing so, we’ll be feeding the vicious cycle of abandoning family values, diminishing respect for women and excusing powerful men’s bad behavior. I do not want this man to be in the position of a role model for my smart little boys. Electing Weiner is saying that it’s okay for husbands to cheat on their wives, it’s okay for fathers to disrespect their children’s mothers, and it’s okay for intelligent men to do as they please as we all just look past the wrongdoings because morals are not important. As for forgiveness, that’s something that his wife will deal with, not the American public (although as far as I can see there is nothing to forgive because his behavior hasn’t changed). What the voting population should be concerned with are his morals, values, and loyalty and from what Weiner has shown, he doesn’t seem to have much of any of the aforementioned. As a mother and a wife, I can promise you that if Anthony Weiner can not even do what is best for his own wife and child, he will not do what is best for your family either.

Aside from all of the apparent and silly ironies I think perhaps one of the funniest things about a guy like Anthony Weiner being in politics is the caricature of a man that he represents. So many men continue to argue that women aren’t suited for politics since we’re such emotional beings and yet it seems glaringly obvious that men, in fact, aren’t suited for politics since they’re such weiner penile beings.


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