• The boys heard somewhere that if you don’t hold your breath when you pass a cemetery, zombies will come after you. Needless to say, they follow this rule.
  • Baseball season is finally over. I was going to write a big, long recap post but this season dragged on long enough so I’m not extending it any longer. Here’s the gist: Parker loved it, Theo not so much. Ruby is thrilled she no longer has to sit through 2+ hour games and we will not be playing for the same league next year. I don’t care if we have to pay double.



  • Ruby seriously sleeps until 11am every day. Every day. I guess this is her way of telling me she wasn’t ready to stop taking two naps a day.
  • Though I’ve known since she found out, a close friend just announced that she’s expecting her third baby. She has two girls and I’m finding that I’m now that annoying person who is wishing her a boy. I absolutely hated when people told me they hoped I had a girl (we didn’t find out when I was pregnant with Ruby) and yet here I am doing the same thing. I actually considered buying a pair of adorable baby boy swimming trunks I saw the other day. I’m sick.



  • I watched Argo the other night and had anxiety during the entire movie, all while Josh kept saying he wishes he could be in the CIA (insane!). Even if Ben Affleck is a jerk it was a great movie. After watching it, I was inspired to write a rant but decided to delete it. Simply put, I’m very thankful that I was lucky enough to be born in America and not somewhere like Iran. I think people should think about this more often.
  • Theo pronounces the word museum as musayum. I corrected him and he told me that he’s not speaking incorrectly, he just has an accent. Ha!



  • We had planned to spend Labor Day weekend back home but decided last week that it just wasn’t going to work. We sat down to book our hotel room but were shocked when the two hotels we usually stay at were booked and nearly $300 a night. We can’t justify spending over $1,000 for a weekend away. The problem is, now that we’re a family of five plus a dog we really need a space of our own when we go back to Ohio. I’m sure it will change as our kids get older but right now we have to worry about naps and bedtimes and making it all work while we’re running from one place to the next visiting everyone. We also need two separate rooms since Miss Ruby is a bit high maintenance when it comes to her sleep. The fact that we need a suite is partly to blame for the high cost. We already booked our hotel for Christmas though, and will be there Monday – Friday.
  • We don’t have a microwave. Our Texas house had a microwave built in above the range so before we moved there, we gave ours away. But our NY apartment doesn’t have a microwave and we haven’t bought one. We don’t really eat anything frozen or microwavable and everything else we just heat up in the oven or on the stove. It works for us and at this point I don’t see us ever buying one. I totally forget that it’s kind of weird that we don’t have a microwave until someone points it out.



  • I have a lot of crazy idiosyncrasies (and I spelled that word correctly on the first try!). I think maybe the funniest is my inability to sleep with the closet door open. I call it the “closet monster” and though I’m not really afraid that there’s a monster in my closet, I will always shut the door before bed. Even if I’m already in bed before I notice. I will get up just to close the door. And if I notice in the boys’ room, I will close their closet doors when I tuck them in as well. I have issues, friends.
  • I think the British culture’s excitement over the Royal baby is fascinating. If you haven’t checked out the pictures, go to CNN and scroll through the reaction to royal baby photos. It’s exciting to see a nation so bonded over a baby. Could you imagine Americans reacting like that to our first lady giving birth? Ha!
  • My jaw dropped when Anna Paquin stripped down to her undies two episodes ago on True Blood. She had twins (!!!) less than a year ago and yet her body is perfection. I just wonder how many days in a row she could last on water alone.


  • *SPOILER ALERT* Speaking of True Blood, why did they have to kill off Terry? Why couldn’t it have been Tara or Andy or Alcide? I cried during the final scene with Arlene and Terry. So sad.

2 thoughts on “Random

    • Ha! It’s good to know I’m not the only one Kaysie! My husband thinks I’m annoying because a lot of the time, when I’m feeling a little lazy, I make him get out of bed to close the doors. 🙂

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