A nice night at home.


$10 bought almost two hours of water fun in one night.


IMG_5344We didn’t even bother calling them in for dinner.


Theo gave Ruby his old preschool backpack and she wouldn’t let anyone take it off of her.


She even wore it to the store.


Water toys of course turned into swords.


Not surprisingly, hunger set in for Theo first. Yes, that is a huge hunk of smoked gouda. 


He didn’t even want to wait for me to serve him. He just dug into the leftovers from the dinner Josh and I shared.


Note the hat. Upon coming inside, Josh told Theo to jump in the shower. But he didn’t feel like washing his hair, so to keep us from noticing, he slyly just threw on a hat. We noticed. IMG_5381

My love. IMG_5384


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