Our New York City bucket list.

A sweet reader recently contacted me to empathize with my latest NYC post – The doctors here. She’s a Navy wife whom had lived in NYC during her husband’s last tour. She’s now on the other side so her perspective was very nice to hear.

“I’m so glad we got to leave so much of that behind, but there is still so much I miss. I wouldn’t trade those 3 really hard years for anything because they were also filled with some truly amazing experiences and unique opportunities. Somehow, the city gets in your blood, whether you want it to or not.”

Before we decided to move, I did as much research as possible and asked as many current and post New Yorkers as possible, what their feelings were on living in the city. Every single one of them said it’s the most unique experience you and your children will ever have. Even the people who didn’t love living here said that if they had to go back in time, they’d do it again.IMG_5265

I think Parker’s contempt for his school and our experience with the baseball league here (along with the fact that it has been long enough for me to forget how I felt in Texas) has caused me to become very pessimistic about living in New York. The summertime tourists in Manhattan make me to want to flee the city every weekend rather than head in to enjoy it and every time I drive anywhere I end up in a bad mood. But instead of focusing on all of the negative (though there is a lot) I’m going to make it a point to remember that I am living in New York City right now and only for the next (less than) three years. I have only three years to enjoy one of the greatest cities in the world every single day. So I’m going to. No. We, as a family, are going to.

I was introduced to Momma’s Gone City (thanks Lindsay!), a mommy blog about raising three kids in NYC for a fixed period of time. To soak up her last few days as a New Yorker, she and her family created a NYC bucket list. We did something similar while we were in Texas so I thought this would also be fun to do while we live here. One morning this past weekend we sat in my bed and whispered (Ruby was still sleeping, of course) things that we’d like to do before we move on. Theo sputtered things like “climb a tree!” and “eat ice cream!” but Parker understood what we meant and contributed a few things to the list.IMG_4854

  • Go to the top of the Empire State Building (The boys and I read the Percy Jackson series together and the top of the Empire State Building is the entrance to Olympus so this is a must! Theo literally thinks this is where you enter Heaven)
  • Go to Coney Island (to ride rides, per Parker. And nobody else)
  • Go to a Yankees game (and boo! 🙂 )
  • Go apple picking upstate
  • See the 9/11 memorial
  • Go inside the Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island (I’ve been here 11,654 times as a tourist and I’ve never been to Ellis Island)
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (this is on my parenting bucket list too)
  • Rockefeller Tree lighting (we’ve seen the tree a couple of times  but we want to attend the actual lighting)
  • Lego exhibit at Discovery Times Square
  • Date night at the Met (I want to take the kids eventually too but I think strolling the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a couple is a little romantic)
  • MOMA
  • Governor’s Island
  • Tour the Brooklyn Brewery (we’re probably doing this for Josh’s birthday)
  • Spiderman on Broadway (we’ve known every word to the soundtrack for two years now. we need to go sing it live – no one will mind if we sing along, right 😉 )

This is just the beginning. We actually have quite a few things that we plan to do while we’re here but these are some starters. For the time being I hope to continue getting out of the city as much as possible since that means we’ll be at the beach but I have a feeling that come winter New York City will be exactly where I want to be.


2 thoughts on “Our New York City bucket list.

  1. Aw..yay! What a great idea and attitude! Fall is the best and the lights at Christmas time can’t be beat. So excited to read your posts that time of year!

    Try and do the Empire State Building during Fleet Week. If your husband goes in uniform you shouldn’t have to wait in the crazy long line, plus he gets in free and you and the kids get a discount. Our personal favorite apple picking place was Applewoods Orchard in Warwick, Ny. There is a cute little Aristian village near by with an amazing all natural organic soap store (rosner soap..sugarloaf, ny).

    Embrace the crowd, embrace the crazy, try and deal with the traffic (its impossible), and remember…it’s all temporary and one day you will be missing this place 🙂

  2. You’re right 🙂 And thank you again.

    I’m so excited for the holidays here. I know it’s so beautiful that time of year. And thanks for the info on the orchard! It sounds perfect!

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