• I think we’re going to bite the bullet and hire a babysitter. Besides the time that we left the kids for a few hours with a friend’s sitter, we’ve never hired a babysitter. Almost 8 years worth of parenting and we’ve never left our kids in our home with a hired person. Crazy, right? I’ll probably have about 11 panic attacks during the first night we go out but we might also just have some fun.
  • At the boys’ dentist appointment last week a guy walked in wearing a shirt that said, “F*** y’all N****s”. Yeah, New York keeps it classy. I just want to raise my children where it’s always sunshine and butterflies. Is that too much to ask?
  • In our house in NJ, if we left the bathroom door open after taking a shower the smoke alarm would go off – I guess because of the placement of the alarm and the heat and steam from the shower. It’s been over a year since we’ve lived there and I still think I have to shut the door after a shower. I’m like Pavlov’s dogs.


  • I let Parker play games on my phone while I took Theo into the dentist’s office last week and when we left he told me that he felt really cool with a cell phone in the waiting room all by himself…until he realized that my case is pink. Ha!
  • We watched the movie 10 years the other day (solely based on my interest in watching anything and everything with Channing Tatum) and I had to laugh because they all looked so old (it’s about a high school 10 year reunion). I don’t look that old.
  • The boys are obsessed with this summer’s made for tv Disney movie, Teen Beach Movie. They watch it almost every day and know all of the words and a lot of the dance moves. It’s adorable. IMG_5487
  • We’re leaving Friday morning for a weekend vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains right outside of Charlottesville, VA. We’ve been promising Parker that we’d take him to Monticello for a while now so when we found that Charlottesville is actually the halfway point between our house and my aunt’s house in South Carolina we decided to make a weekend of it and invited my aunt, uncle and cousins to meet us there. I’m really excited to spend some time with our family and I’m also excited to get out of the city. I’m not so excited, however, about the email we got from the owner of the house we’re renting, letting us know that bears have been an issue this season. Yikes.
  • Josh and I started watching the first season of Newsroom last week and we love it. It is absolutely one of the best shows on television. I swear this show expresses my feelings on everything political better than I can. During every episode I have an “Aha!” moment where I just want to scream yes! at something a character says. Also, aside from Josh, Jim Harper is my dream man and Will McAvoy reminds me exactly of one of our friends from back home.
  • I would love for someone to explain to me the disdain over health care reform. I’m being serious. I don’t want a debate but I just can’t understand why people think a free and public education is something that every American deserves but not health care.IMG_5478
  • In 2007, when we first moved to NY, our car was towed and we had to pay over $400 to get it out of the impound. Now, even though I never park illegally, I feel a rush of relief every time I return to see our van where we left it.
  • I made a Facebook page for This Organic Life so if you’re not a follower through the blog but you want to keep up with posts, you can “like” This Organic Life on Facebook. 
  • It’s the last week of July and I already feel like I should be switching my petunias for mums.IMG_4832
  • Sometimes looking at Pinterest just pisses me off. Some of the stuff is so stupid and tacky…like the decal words “Get naked” on your shower tile. Yes, this pisses me off.  And I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed when girls whom aren’t even engaged create wedding or baby boards. C’mon, that’s why they created “secret boards”.
  • I may be the only person under 40 who has ever heard this song but I absolutely love it and have for years. I’ve been on a 70’s music kick lately.

2 thoughts on “Random

  1. We have never hired a babysitter either 🙂 I know so many people do it – but it’s hard for me to leave my kids with someone. I wish we lived close to family because I know GRANDPARENTS would love to watch them 🙂

    Following you on FB now! I really love your blog 🙂

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