• A sign our boys are growing up – I’ve noticed less and less missing of the toilet, if you know what I mean.
  • Growing up, one of my friend’s mother used to read the Lord of the Rings series with her and her brothers. I thought it was the sweetest thing for a family to read an entire series of something together and promised myself I’d do it with my kids. We started a few years ago and read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books together and started the Percy Jackson series as well. Tonight the second Percy movie comes out and I’m surprising the boys with a movie date. We finished the second book about a year and a half ago so they’ve been waiting a long time for this movie. We’ve only watched (and shrieked about) the previews 9,465,796 times.
  • Within the past 18 days, we’ve spent over $60 on tolls. It sucks living on an island.
  • I can not stand when Josh brings a half empty bag of chips into the living room but doesn’t cut the bag. Who wants to dig their arm into a bag of chips? Cut the top off!
  • Josh wants to buy the new Honda Odyssey solely for the built in vacuum cleaner.2014-honda-odyssey-13
  • Three awesome readers (all right, well, two awesome readers plus my sister) have used my Stitch Fix link which means I have $75 free dollars to spend on clothes! Woo Hoo!
  • Our good friends from back home are coming to visit this weekend for Josh’s birthday and I am SO excited. Six years since we’ve lived in Ohio and this is the first time we’ve had friends from back home come to visit us. Hopefully it’s the first of many.
  • The Pirates are still in first place. Josh requested that I include this.
  • Ruby is trying really hard to say her name but it’s coming out more like “boobie”. I have to say, I did not see that one coming.IMG_4740
  • Time Warner, our cable company here, just cut Showtime and CBS. If these channels aren’t back within the month we’re dropping them. Homeland and Survivor are two of our top five favorite shows and if we can’t even watch them why pay $160 a month? Geeze, I wish I could just seriously cut the cord.
  • Target’s back to school commercials are awesome. I’m absolutely one of those people who gets caught up in marketing. Remember the Gap’s old commercials?

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