Birthday Weekend!

What a great weekend! Friday started off with the arrival of our friends Gerard and Chelsea from back home. They came to spend the weekend and celebrate with us the big day – Josh’s 30th birthday! We took the kids and headed into Manhattan for a late lunch and then came back to the house to get ready for a night out sans children! We put the kids to bed, gave the sitter the rundown and were on our way to the Brooklyn Brewery.
Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.18.48 AMThe beer was excellent and the atmosphere was cool but we were definitely out of place amongst all of the hipsters. A friend of mine had joked that we needed to wear our flannel and skinny jeans to fit in and she was right – so after a couple of beers we decided to leave and grab a late dinner back in Manhattan. Earlier at lunch, we had eaten outside at a pizza bar on Stone Street and were all drooling over these fries we saw from another restaurant. Seven hours later and we were still thinking about those fries so we headed back to Stone Street and made our way to The Growler. photo IMG_5892_zps209d0add.jpgThis place was fantastic! We got a table, ordered a few more beers and had a great meal. The atmosphere was much more our style and though it was a low key restaurant/bar, there was a dj for the night which made it a little more upbeat. After dinner and some laughs over our inability to take a good picture we bought Josh a birthday cupcake from the ferry terminal and called it a night.

Saturday was a beach day. We headed to our usual spot on the Jersey Shore and spent hours playing in the water, sand and surf. photo IMG_5935_zpscff80e83.jpg photo IMG_5951_zps35a1228b.jpg photo IMG_6023_zps581316a5.jpg photo IMG_5961_zps4bcb9c9b.jpg photo IMG_6014_zpscd017225.jpg photo IMG_5974_zps8b287a06.jpg photo IMG_6008_zps0398e5a9.jpg photo IMG_6018_zps10d3c7e3.jpg photo IMG_6020_zps359c49b2.jpg photo IMG_6022_zps9d90d435.jpg photo IMG_5995_zps79005abb.jpgWe asked a man to take our picture and this is as good as we got. Not a good picture but a great day!  photo IMG_6033_zps1f3718ad.jpgOur friends were leaving Sunday but before they headed back to Ohio we wanted to squeeze in one more day of fun so we left the house before noon and made our way to the famous Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Josh, the kids and I have been to the original before (now called Juliana’s) but never to the one that’s rated the best pizza in NYC (and one of the top five in the US!) so we waited in the 30 minute line outside until it was our turn for lunch. The pizza was delicious but I have to say, definitely not the best in NYC. photo IMG_6075_zpsf0ed7b62.jpg photo IMG_6087_zpsd31a12e0.jpgAfter lunch we walked the Brooklyn bridge, took the the train to Times Square and made our routine visit to the M&M store. photo IMG_6098_zpsb14f1d12.jpg photo IMG_6110_zps3aeaeebe.jpgWe didn’t have much time to spend since Gerard and Chelsea had to get on the road so we called it a day and said our goodbyes. Though it’s really no fun when we have to say goodbye to our friends and family, I’m so glad we had this weekend together and I can’t wait to do it again. And one last happy birthday wish for my studly husband. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as the kids and I did. After all, “you only turn 30 once!”





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