Our DIY headboard.

This weekend was filled with projects. We finished Ruby’s room, worked on a few small things and finally followed through with a bigger project that we’ve been talking about for a while. Building our own headboard! photo photo-83_zpse430da80.jpg

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big Young House Love fan and I was thrilled when, for my last birthday, Josh bought me a signed copy of their book. Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love. While flipping through, one of the projects really caught my eye -the DIY rustic headboard. At the time we had a very nice, full bedroom set but all of the pieces matched and I was just kind of over that look. I talked Josh into selling our bed on Craigslist the week before we moved to NY, with the intention of building our new headboard once we were settled. Four months later and we’ve finally tackled it!

We went to Home Depot and picked out the wood. We already had the stain so our total out of pocket cost was less than $15! Josh cut the wood to size and sanded it down to make it nice and smooth. He stained it with Minwax in Early American and let it dry.
 photo photo-75_zpsedd9f639.jpg

After it was dry, he laid all of the boards down on the floor (we used 1x3x8 cut down to 62 inches) and lined up the bracing boards. We used three to make sure the boards were totally secure. He screwed each board into the bracing boards and ten minutes later, it was done! To hang it, we screwed in heavy duty picture hanging hooks (for up to 90lbs).  photo picstitch-2_zps95fc875d.jpgLastly, Josh screwed anchors into the wall above our bed at the spots we measured for. We hung it and our gorgeous, rustic headboard was finished!

 photo photo-81_zpsd3d16b8a.jpg

 photo photo-82_zpsdc7f50fc.jpgJosh and I are by far not DIY people. I wouldn’t use the terms crafty or handy or anything even near those terms to describe us but this project was so easy and actually a lot of fun. We’re already scheming for our next one!

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