Weekend Recap.

As usual the weekend flew by way too quickly as we moved from one thing to the next.

A few weeks ago Parker said, “We haven’t done any family things this summer.” (yeah. I laughed too) and when I asked him what “family things” were, since apparently family things don’t include baseball games, the beach, museums, weekend trips, etc., and his response was bowling or swimming at a pool. So Friday we took the kids to the pool at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn but not before driving into DUMBO to grab some food from the Korilla BBQ truck. Josh and I love The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network and Korilla was our favorite a couple seasons ago. As to be expected, it was fantastic. We headed to the pool then and had a blast for a few hours as the kids swam and played in the water. Parker talked me into allowing him to go off of the dive, into 12 ft deep water, completely by himself without anyone waiting for him for the first time. Of course he swam great and as soon as he reached the side where I was standing, he blurted out “I told you I could do it!” before he even took a breath.

 photo 1235404_10151861095720120_215046913_n_zps65c4c003.jpg

Saturday we woke up and left the island before 8 am for Cape May. Our dear friend was having a birthday party to celebrate her daughter’s 5th birthday and we were thrilled to be able to be there this year. The party was a “Teen Beach Movie” theme so there were water games, leis, and gorgeous hibiscus cupcakes made by our amazing baker friend, Becky. It felt so nice (and weird – it still feels weird to be there but not be home) to be back in our old neighborhood hanging out with all of the old people. Constantly having to leave your friends is so hard but getting back together and watching the kids pick up exactly where they left off like they just played together yesterday is so awesome. Even though our babies don’t always get to live by each other they have made lifelong friends and so have we.

 photo IMG_6253_zps5e72e9dd.jpg photo IMG_6257_zps02257b37.jpg photo IMG_6262_zps2593d697.jpg photo IMG_6281_zps8a486375.jpg photo IMG_6278_zpsa8df7d41.jpg photo IMG_6303_zpsaacf563a.jpg photo IMG_6305_zps07b9e9e1.jpg

Sunday was the beginning of the end of summer – school shopping. We headed upstate to some outlets and spent the day picking out boring school uniform pieces and making up for it with lots of cute baby girl clothes. On our way home my sweet husband, who plays along with all of my shenanigans, took a detour into Franklin Lakes so I could check out the neighborhood of my very favorite Jersey Housewives :). The town is just completely beautiful and I have to assume that Teresa Guidice is an outcast with in the community. We headed home after picking up some groceries and with that the weekend was over faster than it began. Next weekend we have a little surprise planned for the kids so we’re already looking forward to it!


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