Love lately.

I don’t know what is going on with me lately but I have just been bitter. Just pissy, grumpy and nasty. There’s no reason for it either. We’re all healthy and happy, need nothing nor want nothing and are constantly going on new adventures. I’m in a funk and I don’t know how to break it. But instead of harboring my current negativity, I’m going to focus on what I currently love. So here goes.  photo 80bcc400c9c5f87bbe82cf52327b3c56_zps73809b5c.jpg

  • Parker. I feel like I don’t talk about him much on here. He is seriously just such a good kid becoming a such a good person. Better than Josh and I combined. He is constantly going above and beyond. I’ll ask him to take the dog out and he’ll walk out of the house with Lolly in one hand, the trash in another and the keys (to grab the mail) between his teeth. What seven year old does that? He is starting piano lessons again this week and I’m really excited for him. I am praying that the poor kid gets a super nice teacher this year. I don’t want him spending another second surrounded by negativity. He’s too good for that.
  • Dresses. I’ve bought three in the past three weeks. Not only are they cute but they’re so comfortable.
  • Fall. I’m still holding out for official September before I bust out the fall decor and candles but I have been blasting the air conditioner so I can bundle up in sweats and hoodies and pretend. I’ve also been saying, “Well it is fall.” as often as possible. 
     photo 93570b416df35c4b3868275f63677af5_zps2d5bec5c.jpg
  • Cooking. I always love to cook but nowadays 5pm is my favorite time of the day (and not because it’s cocktail hour). It’s relaxing to listen to music and create a meal for your family.
  • Ruby’s hair. Unbelievable curls that I hope never go away. And it’s getting long enough for pony tails and barrettes. Girls are fun.
  • The John Mayer station on Pandora. My choice of music while cooking. All summer long we’ve been listening to the summertime oldies station but something about John Mayer’s music is perfect for the transition out of summer. I think it’s probably because his second album (a major part of my senior year soundtrack) was released in the beginning of September and floods my mind with great memories from this time of year.  photo Heavierthingsjohnmayeralbumcover_zpsed896cc1.jpg
  • My kids’ relationships with each other. Rubes is starting to interact with the boys like a big kid. She’s communicating really well and fitting right in with the other two, erasing my fears of a strained relationship due to the age and gender gap. They’re seriously three little amigos and it tickles me to watch how much they love each other.
  • My new Ninja blender. Perfect for our everyday breakfast smoothies.
  • DIY. Everything. We may not be good at it but we’re doing it ourselves. Josh just took on refinishing a piece of furniture that we bought last year. Depending on how it turns out, maybe I’ll share the outcome.

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