Back where I come from.


Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I actually wrote about this during the last blog challenge so I’m not going to dig too deep with this prompt but I fully believe that the core of “me” was formed from growing up in the Midwest. Moving away, living all over the US and meeting people from every corner of the country has made me appreciate growing up in small town Ohio. Riding my bike with a bunch of kids through our small, safe neighborhood, catching fireflies well past dark, having hours long snowball wars and loading my little brother and sister onto our pink sled over and over just to fly down the hill at the baseball fields together is what I got because I grew up in a place where everyone knows everyone and everyone takes care of everyone. Since leaving, I’ve come to learn that I’m always going to be a small town girl (and can’t wait to get back to one). I’m very proud to be an Ohioan and though I may never move back, I’m so thankful that’s where I come from.


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