It’s fall y’all!

 photo FallSubwayArt8x10_zps4af311ef.jpg

Oh glory!  What is it about fall that feels so comfy and cozy? For as long as I can remember fall has been my favorite season. Fall means football, food, mums, early nights, sweaters, boots, scarves, school, pumpkins, candles, leaves, snuggles, the beginning of the holidays and my big boy’s birthday. I think it is fate that my first baby was born on the first day of my favorite month.

 photo IMG_6457_zps0598216f.jpg

 photo IMG_6462_zpsf4b1bfba.jpg

 photo IMG_6465_zpse3322378.jpg

 photo IMG_6468_zpsce861575.jpg

I know it’s not technically fall for a few more weeks but with football season kicked off and school beginning on Monday, I’ve declared it in our house. I’m extra appreciative of my favorite season this year since we missed it last year in Texas. The rest of 2013 will just be an awesome down hill ride.

Happy fall! 

4 thoughts on “It’s fall y’all!

  1. Fall in NYC is awesome and Christmas in the best. I’m so jealous! We just got orders to Hawaii and I’m going to miss fall so so much. I’ll just have to live through your pictures!

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