We’re moving. Again.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that New York City isn’t the best place to raise a family when you have small children and live on a modest budget. Of course we knew this when we decided to move from Texas but our motivation behind the decision was just getting back to the east coast. Before we moved, we looked into living in a few different suburbs but ultimately chose to live in the Coast Guard community in Staten Island because of three things: an easy commute for Josh, being a part of a CG community again and money. We ended up spending around $3000 on the move and didn’t want to stretch ourselves thin with the added cost of a security deposit, first and last months rent, utilities set up, etc. (you don’t have to pay any of this if you live in military housing). So we came into this with an open mind and the understanding that we may be moving again.

After months of Parker disliking school (which has never been the case for him before), a baseball season that was less than enjoyable because of issues with the league and a summer spent paying hundreds of dollars (tolls from living on an island) to leave Staten Island, Josh started mentioning moving again. Anytime we’d go somewhere out of the city, whether it was back to Long Island, the Jersey Shore, upstate New York or back to Ohio, Josh would talk about how our lives would be better if we lived there instead of here. Every time, I would agree with him but then back out by the time we made it home because I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of what goes into moving. But as the new school year approaches and I’m reminded of how unhappy Parker was just a few months ago, that hassle has begun to seem more appealing.

Last weekend was my tipping point. Going back to our hometown for the weekend, spending time with family, hanging out with friends and watching the boys do some of the same things that Josh and I enjoyed during our childhoods made me miss everything that our kids don’t have here in New York. The entire drive from Ohio, Josh and I talked about our options for moving out of the city and weighed the pros and cons for everything. We continued to talk throughout the week and eventually brought up the idea with the boys. Immediately they were both on board.

So here’s where we are now. After looking at every option, thinking about this nonstop from every angle and planning out what we can gain in the next few years, we’ve decided to move back home to Ohio. I know this decision will be criticized but Josh and I truly believe this is what will be best for our family both short and long term. Moving back will provide the kids with the opportunity to live for a few years surrounded by family and longtime friends. They’ll get the small town environment that we had in Cape May, good schools, tradition, extra curricular opportunities that they don’t have here, a house with their own yard and the experience of living in the country. Consecutively, Josh and I will get all of that plus a large pay raise and the opportunity to decide if moving back permanently is something we want to do before making a commitment to the decision. Of course their are cons that we’ve discussed as well, with the biggest being that Josh will only live with our family three days a week but that will mostly just effect Josh and I. When you look at our schedule Monday through Thursday (the days Josh will live in New York), there are only 16 hours total that will be missed spent with the kids. Josh’s schedule as a recruiter is lax enough that he will never miss a holiday and if there is a special occasion, he can take leave.

We’ve also considered living in a suburb, moving back to Cape May and moving the kids and I to an area where we plan to look for jobs in a few years when Josh’s contract is up. While those options will be in the back of our minds, we’ve decided that moving to Ohio will have the biggest positive impact on our family. There are a lot of factors that play into what will be the best timing for a move including how this school year goes, available houses, CG matters and a few others but right now our loose timeline is either Spring break or the beginning of summer. We’re all excited about another new adventure but in the meantime, we’re going to make the rest of this year in NY something to remember 🙂


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