Pictures from our last summer fling.

Last Saturday we asked the boys what they’d like to do to celebrate their very last Saturday of summer break. We suggested going into the city to visit the Lego exhibit in Times Square, seeing a movie or making the trip to Philly to Sesame Place. Even though it wasn’t warm enough to do the water section of the park, they chose to go to Sesame Place to ride rides. It ended up being a great day.

 photo IMG_6483_zpsbe405c6d.jpg

 photo IMG_6514_zps2cd2a9c0.jpg

 photo IMG_6503_zpsc19d2fa7.jpg

 photo IMG_6490_zps288f4838.jpg

 photo IMG_6491_zps8618b028.jpg

 photo IMG_6518_zps0878fd19.jpg

 photo IMG_6519_zps5ca23b57.jpg

 photo IMG_6520_zpsd239a2f9.jpg

 photo IMG_6495_zps77627bb8.jpg


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