• I’ve always been the tough parent in our family and because of this, the boys respond differently to me than they do to Josh when it comes to discipline. The other night I was making dinner and Josh and Parker began to have an argument. Anytime this happens I stay out of it because obviously, Josh is equally Parker’s parent and disciplinarian and I don’t need to disrespect that. But on this day, Parker just wouldn’t stop and I was tired of seeing him walk all over his dad so I interjected, shut it down and Parker was off to his room without another word. Apparently Josh was impressed because he said, “Man, I wish I was a mom. Moms get shit done.” haha I think that’s a great motto for mothers everywhere!
  • I read this blog post the other day after seeing it on Facebook and love it. It immediately made me think of the 5 love languages. Mine are definitely words of affirmation and acts of service while Josh’s are words of affirmation and physical touch. Anyway, Pop Chassid is right on. I’ve been with my husband for a good amount of time (almost 13 years now!) and I can say that it took us a long time to truly love each other. Probably longer than a lot of couples because we were kids when we met and started dating. I think understanding and feeling love as a verb is what makes couples work.
  • Ruby is obsessed with blankets. She calls them her “me me’s” and doesn’t like when anyone else in the house has a me me because obviously, it belongs to her.

 photo IMG_6112_zps24f7f421.jpg

  • Corn is not a vegetable. It drives me nuts that some people consider it to be one. It is a grain. That’s why it’s a serving of whole grains (even popcorn!) and why you can grind it and make things like tortillas and breads.
  • We’re still cable free. We almost caved and ordered DirectTV but we’re completely used to only having a few channels now. Plus Apple TV is awesome. We can basically still watch everything we watched before, just on our computer streamed to our television. It’s incredible to think that just by making this cut we’re saving $1200 a year.
  • While looking at “the world’s best photographs” on Youtube, the boys came across a picture titled something like starving child. Needless to say, the appearance of a starving little boy basically traumatized them and they couldn’t stop talking about it for a couple of weeks. One night they were both being particularly difficult at dinner time and Theo dropped his new favorite phrase (which has since been banned in our house), “It’s not fair.” I can’t stand when people misuse the word fair so I reminded him that what he was experiencing was, in fact, fair and that a better example of something that wasn’t fair was the little boy behind the image who has done nothing to deserve to starve. The reminder hit home and he quietly finished his dinner without any further discussion on what in his life in unfair. Sometimes, even 5 year olds need a little perspective.

 photo IMG_6641_zps6fd968f8.jpg

  • Josh and I considered watching a new television series until we saw what time it starts. And then Josh said, “Ooooh. 10:00 o’clock. Maybe not.” Ha! We’re old.
  • Parker has decided to go to Six Flags for his birthday, which is in less than 2 weeks. I was going to let him skip school and spend his whole day at the amusement park but they’re not open throughout the week anymore so we’re planning  to celebrate the weekend after. I can not believe he’s almost 8.
  • We’re taking the kids to the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play this weekend. The boys LOVE Big Time Rush and they’re performing a concert as part of it. We’re all pretty excited!
  • I can’t remember if I wrote about this before or not but Parker is taking piano lessons again. He’s only had two lessons so far but it seems that he’s subconsciously remembering a little of what he learned from before. He took lessons for eight months when he was four but not surprisingly he lost interest. He’s been asking me to start up again for about the past year so we finally got around to it a month ago.
  • Theo loves school. He’s made lots of friends and even had a little girl give him her hair tie, which I of course made him send back after gagging a little over another kid’s hair accessory. Josh on the the other hand gave T a high five and the old “That’s my boy!” According to Theo his “best friend’s” name is Fross. I assume he’s mispronouncing the boy’s name but you can’t be too sure in NY.
  • I am officially Facebook free. I deleted my personal account after Josh spent two blissful weeks without his. It has just become more of a negative place than positive and since I blog about what’s going on with us and post pictures everyday on Instagram, Facebook isn’t necessary for keeping family up to date anymore. The friends I communicate with the most on Facebook are also the ones I communicate with the most in real life and nearly everyone else I want to keep in contact with is on Instagram so I still get a glimpse into their lives. It’s a weird change since I’ve had a Facebook account for about seven years (minus that two week vaca I took after a crazy, wild, embarrassing night) but I’ll get used to it. I’m still trying to figure out This Organic Life’s Facebook page (which you can “like” for an easy way to follow along).
  • This is a video I took of Ruby and I this morning. She’s saying new words everyday. If you can’t tell from my reaction, she’s never said, “George” before.

  • It’s almost the weekend!!!!

2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Ruby’s hair color is soo pretty!
    I wish our oldest listened to me like that, she pretty much laughs in my face. But if daddy even looks at her wrong she cries.
    I never knew that about corn, seriously. I just learned something new!
    We thought about going cable free but then my husband said no because he HAS to have all his sports channels.

    That video is adorable!

  2. Thanks Amanda! It’s kind of a strawberry blonde color which I think is funny because when I was pregnant with her I was obsessed with pumpkin and ate it in everything. My father in law told me that the baby was going to be born with orange hair and she kinda was 🙂 That’s funny about the corn thing. I didn’t know until a couple of years ago when I got really into learning about food but now my husband argues with me about it just to get a rise. And as for the sports channels, that’s actually why we almost caved but now Josh just uses his friend’s account to stream the channels to our tv! Shhhhhhhh!

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